Thackeray Vs Shinde Camps’ High-Voltage Supreme Court Battle

Thackeray Vs Shinde Camps
Thackeray Vs Shinde Camps

Thackeray Vs Shinde Camps: Two factions of Shiv Sena, led by Uddhav Thackeray and his BJP-backed successor Eknath Shinde, today proved who controls the party, with both sides deploying a battery of top lawyers to argue their case before the Supreme Court is of.

Team Thackeray accused the other group led by Mr Shinde of “creating a fake narrative to justify its anti-party stand”. Team Thackeray said, “All the incidents, including the confirmation test and appointment of Shinde as chief minister, are the fruit of a poisonous tree, the seeds of which were shamelessly sown in the Supreme Court by the convicted MLAs.”

Thackeray Vs Shinde Camps

On a question from the Supreme Court that if 2/3 MLAs walk out of the party, Team Thackeray said that in such circumstances laws require that Shiv Sena factions should be merged or the new group should be made a political party.

“They (Team Shinde) have to register with the Election Commission (EC) if they form a new party, but if they merge with another party there is no registration. But the issue is also of balance. There is still 1/3 left in the party. 2/3 cannot say ‘we are the party’,” said Team Thackeray.

“They (rebel MLAs) were sitting in Guwahati (in Assam) and declaring themselves a political party. Their aim is to legalize defection. Whatever action they have done is a violation of rules. The government formed in Maharashtra is illegal. Therefore, all the decisions taken by it will also be invalid. Hence, urgent for a solution in this matter,” Team Thackeray said.

When Team Thackeray asked whether the anti-defection law is still in force or is it something that is only on paper, Team Shinde replied that this law is not for a leader who has lost the confidence of his own party members and wants to shut them down somehow. In and hang in power.

“… Thackeray faction claims disqualification notices but no one has been disqualified so far. Not attending a party meeting held outside the House is not a ground for defection. Inter-party dissent is grounds for defection. No. We confuse political parties with leaders. Party has such leaders,” Team Shinde said.

“(Thackeray) the group went to the Election Commission (EC) and said ‘we are a political party’. Let us not mix EC proceedings with disqualification proceedings. Party within party rebellion within party leaders leaving the party this difference is the party issue not the basis for defection. BMC (civil body) elections are near, so we have to decide who the party is. The Uddhav Thackeray faction is linking things with the EC proceedings,” Team Shinde said.

“They want the Speaker to be stripped of all powers and make the Supreme Court a defection tribunal. This is unprecedented. This is not the place where the hearing should take place,” the chief minister’s faction said.

The Maharashtra Governor’s representation said, “The questions involved will have a huge impact on the body politics of this country. In the previous judgment it has been clarified that once one goes before the electorate, he/she is as one.” Doesn’t go. Individuals. You go as an ideology. After winning if you form an alliance of a different ideology then you can’t say that party members can’t raise voice against it.”

Uddhav Thackeray stepped down as Chief Minister of Maharashtra after around 40 rebel Shiv Sena legislators, led by Eknath Shinde, rebelled against him in June, and the Shiv Sena, Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party, or NCP, with support from the BJP. Formed the government after removing the Vikas Aghadi alliance.