As per Wikipedia Athletics is: A group of sporting events that involves competitive running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The most common types of athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and racewalking.

1 : exercises, sports, or games engaged in by athletes. 2 : the practice or principles of athletic activities.

Is athletics a sport or a game?

Track-and-field athletics are the oldest forms of organized sport, having developed out of the most basic human activities—running, walking, jumping, and throwing. Athletics have become the most truly international of sports, with nearly every country in the world engaging in some form of competition.

What is the other name of athletics?

athletic contest athletic event
game sports contest
sports event

What 3 sports make up athletics?

Athletics comprises a variety of running, jumping, throwing and walking events.

Who is called an athlete?

1 : a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina.

Who is the father of athletic?

Carl Lewis
Personal information
Weight 176 lb (80 kg)
Country United States of America
Sport Track and field

What is the difference between athlete and athletics?

Athletics consists of sports such as running, the high jump, and the javelin. He has retired from active athletics. Athletics is an uncount noun. You use a singular form of a verb with it.