SpiceJet Double Trouble: Windshield Cracks On Mumbai Flight

SpiceJet Windshield Cracks
SpiceJet Windshield Cracks

SpiceJet Double Trouble: Windshield Cracks On Mumbai Flight

A SpiceJet aircraft Windshield Cracks that took off from Kandla in Gujarat developed a crack in its outer windshield and was landed on priority in Mumbai. This is the second incident in the day with a SpiceJet aircraft.

The airline said in a statement that all passengers and crew members are safe.

The airline said in a statement, “During cruise at FL230, the P2 side windshield outerpane ruptured.

Associated non-normal checklist action was performed. The pressure was found to be normal.

SpiceJet aircraft Windshield Cracks

Priority landing was made and the aircraft landed safely at BOM (Bombay),” the airline said in a statement. ,” the airline said in a statement.

Aviation sources have told Media that this is the seventh security concern at SpiceJet in less than three weeks.

Other incidents, all of which have been brought to the attention of the regulator, include a two-door warning, a bird hit, an oil leak from an engine, a pressure problem in addition to today’s malfunction.

Aviation regulator, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) conducted a comprehensive safety audit of SpiceJet aircraft only last month and continues to conduct inspections on a case-by-case basis.

Earlier today, a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Dubai had to divert to Karachi due to poor indicator light.

Airlines have sent replacement aircraft from Mumbai to send passengers stranded in Karachi to Dubai.

Just two days ago, the pilot of a SpiceJet Q400 airliner that took off from Delhi to Jabalpur called for ‘May Day‘ and returned to Delhi after smoke was found in the cabin.

On June 19, a Delhi-bound SpiceJet plane with 185 passengers made an emergency landing in Patna just after take-off, as its left engine caught fire following a bird collision.