Satish Sanpal “Satta King” or “Young Entrepreneur from India” a Myth Busters

Satish Sanpal
Satish Sanpal

Satish Sanpal

Every generation has had its share of successful young entrepreneurs, from agriculturalist Subhash Palekar to TATA founder JRD TATA Now, it’s the turn of present generation who’s age from 25 to 45- to make their own income in innovative ways.

For many of these bright stars, that means starting early to pursue entrepreneurship as a means to leave their mark on the world.

Mid-Day International Retail & Lifestyle Icon 2022

The first name that comes to our mind in this list is that of UAE based Satish Sanpal, Who has recently been honored as the Stylish Mid-Day Iconic Entrepreneur in the Dubai episode of Mid-Day International Retail & Lifestyle Icon 2022.

Satish Sanpal owned VII in Dubai

Satish Sanpal is behind the amazing nightclub VII in Dubai. He is also in the construction business under the name Sanpal Developments. He is originally from Jabalpul which is in India.

Satish Sanpal is a Stylish Indian entrepreneur, philanthropist, businessman and a mentor to many.

Satish is also a well-known Page 3 celebrity in elite corporate circles in the UAE, having several business interests in the emirate, owning restaurants and clubs and hospitality sector in Dubai.

Through his valuable contributions, Sanpal has paved the way for opportunities for many youth in various fields like Digital Marketing, Information Technology and Hospitality.

While revealing the secret behind his success, Satish said- “Luck helps to a certain extent in the career of a professional, but in the end what rewards you sooner or later is the never-ending effort of faith, determination and perseverance you put in.!

He said- “Success is not the end, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to move forward, that counts. I never dreamed about success, I worked for it and hence today I feel very proud to be honored as Mid-Day International Retail & Lifestyle Icon 2022.”

When asked where so much philosophy came from in your life, Satish blamed his past days in India for this.

Recalling his bygone days, Satish told “There was a time when an attempt was made to implicate me in false betting charges, due to which I had to leave India.”

When Satish Sanpal arrived in the United Arab Emirates, he was struck by the city’s nightlife scene, and its charming vibe inspired him to turn this passion into an ambitious venture.

In late 2019, he decided to acquire a club for himself as a birthday gift, which he re-branded and nurtured, which is currently one of the hottest vacation spots in the city that is VII Dubai.

Satish also owned multiple ventures in UAE.

An inspirational quote from his life is- ‘One day you will look back and thank yourself for not giving up‘.