Wrestler Sakshi Malik says, “Pressure on us to compromise.”

Wrestler Sakshi Malik says, “Pressure on us to compromise.
Wrestler Sakshi Malik says, “Pressure on us to compromise."

The dilemma facing the wrestling community lingers. The grapplers are under severe pressure from the administration of the wrestling community to back out of their allegations. This is a bitter realization for the grapplers, when all of their struggle for justice will go to waste if they succumb to the unseen but truly felt pressure from unknown sources.

One of the leading members of the wrestlers’ protest, Olympian Sakshi Malik, said that one of the seven female wrestlers, a child, had changed her statement about the Wrestling Federation of India and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh because of coercion. These ladies claim that Sharan Singh harassed them sexually.

Sakshi Malik was a vocal person representing the female community of the wrestling federation who put forward her fears in the media by subsiding the societal and professional pressure hitting the roads. She has recently given an interview to a local news channel and shared that they are being pressurized to mute and back out from their demands.

The flashback runs back to January 2023 when female wrestlers went against the world and raise their voices for themselves and their self-respect. They were agitated by the behavior of the wrestling coaches and the president of the wrestling federation Brij Bhushan Singh.

The protesters hibernated till April before the wrestlers perked to hit the roads for their self-worth. It was a rollercoaster ride from April till date, where the wrestlers went against the time, protesting at Jantar Mantar to Delhi Gate to deciding to submerge their laurels in the Ganga River if their demands were fulfilled.

The international media helped to take their voice to the united wrestling international who were concerned about the whole episode. It was not an easy decision to go against the culture and risking their professional careers. The culture of abuse is present globally. So if anyone goes against it, they are going against the power. The harassment and sexual assault do not let them bring female minors into the same profession. To eradicate the loopholes, they had to raise their voices.

They had bore a decade of sexual harassment before they came out in public. They had suffered from touching, stalking, and verbal sexual remarks for a long time. A proper probe is being demanded by the female wrestlers. Their fears and traumas do not let them rest anymore. The mental and societal pressure on female athletes is the true picture of our society, anyway.

A common phrase of the athlete’s community is, “Give it your all or nothing.” So any sports person in any fraternity goes beyond their comfort zone including females who give their 101% to their professions, especially one who belongs to some sport and winning pride for their country so demanding for their slogan #Metoo is not heart properly, instead they are being pressurized to mute their voices and not to raise them. This is a dilemma of the time right now.

The child complainant in the sexual harassment lawsuit against former WFI Chief Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh allegedly modified her statement under duress, according to Indian Olympian Sakshi Malik. She said in an interview with NDTV that Brij Bhushan had ordered his men to phone and threaten the complainants, saying that there was “huge pressure on us to compromise.”

The ‘minor’ wrestler’s father withdrew the complaint when protesting wrestlers Bajrang Punia and Sakshi Malik said that the strain he is under is causing him to experience depression. The latest news is that Sakshi Malik has informed the media that they won’t be competing in the Asian Games if Brij Bhushan isn’t apprehended by then.

The ‘Mahapanchayat’ today determined they would discuss future tactics after June 15, the deadline for the probe set by Union Sports Minister Anurag Thakur, according to another elite wrestler, Bajrang Punia.

“Despite Brij Bhushan Singh’s presence at the Wrestling Federation of India office yesterday, the police escorted a female wrestler there. The cops gave a false answer when the woman questioned if Mr. Singh was at the office. Punia said that the whole system is protecting Brij Bhushan Singh, according to NDTV. “She got scared when she found out he was there,” Punia added.

The wrestler, who was regarded as a “minor” during the tournament, recently made a new declaration in court, claiming that she was actually of legal age. Her father claims she changed the portion of the statement pertaining to her age in an interview with NDTV. She still stands by her initial accusation of sexual harassment, though.

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