Will remember Kohli’s innings: Scored 82 runs in Pakistan’s target of 160 runs

Virat Kohli Knock Against Pakistan
Virat Kohli Knock Against Pakistan

Virat Kohli Knock Against Pakistan: Kunwar Narayan is famous for his lines – No sorrow is greater than the courage of a man, the one who loses is not fought… proved right. Virat’s unbeaten innings of 82 runs off 53 balls made Diwali of 140 crore people. During his innings, he hit 6 classic fours and 4 beautiful sixes.

Kohli sent a slow short off length ball over Haris Rauf’s head for six runs on the fifth ball of the 19th over.

Kohli flicked the next ball towards fine leg with the help of his wrists and Haris bowed down before Kohli. In the last over, India needed 16 runs to win and what happened after that became history.

Virat Kohli has played the best innings of his life:

This over was very difficult for Virat Kohli. One wicket after another was falling. Hardik standing at the other end kept giving me confidence. We got the boundary at the right time. We knew if Rauf was attacked, they would panic. We needed 28 runs in 8 balls. Two sixes were required off Rauf’s last two balls. I couldn’t explain those two sixes. The bowler was all my focus until the end of the over.

The audience has consistently supported me over the past few months. Thank you all for this. I played my best T20 innings against Australia in Mohali. This innings is similar to that, but I will keep it ahead of Australia.

There were 82 runs scored by Kohli, and 67 runs scored by the other batsmen.

There will be a long lasting memory of Kohli’s innings. KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, Axar Patel, Hardik Pandya, Dinesh Karthik, Ravichandran Ashwin and others batted in the match and together scored 67 runs, including only two sixes and one four from Hardik. Virat scored 82 runs in the match.

Kohli does not get a place in the playing XI, according to Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev, who led Team India to victory at the 1983 World Cup, said of Kohli before the start of the tournament, ‘I only want him to score runs. But right now he is not playing the Virat Kohli we all know and love.

Virat has answered all the critics with this innings. If you can get Ravichandran Ashwin out in Tests, the World No. 1 player can also sit out.

Sachin is also a huge fan of Kohli

In the 19th over, a six on the back foot against Rauf at long on was brilliant. Keep it up, Sachin Tendulkar said after Kohli’s innings.