Who Is Rupi Kaur And Why Did She Decline White House Diwali Invite

Who Is Rupi Kaur And Why Did She Decline Diwali Invite
Who Is Rupi Kaur And Why Did She Decline Diwali Invite

She declined the White House’s invitation to a Diwali event, saying she rejects “invitations from institutions that support collective punishment.”

The White House invited Canadian poet Rupi Kaur to a Diwali celebration. After her response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas War, she turned down the invitation from the US government. Other South Asians were also urged to demand accountability from the US government by the poet.

Who Is Rupi Kaur?

Poet, author, and illustrator Rupi Kaur lives in Toronto. The New York Times bestseller list ranked her first book Milk And Honey at number one in 2014, a compilation of heartwarming poems and prose. A number of themes are present in her work, including love, loss, trauma, healing, femininity, and migration. Instagram has over four million followers for the poet.

After building a huge following on social media, she initially gained fame as an “Instapoet.” After Instagram deleted a self-portrait photograph showing her sleeping on a bed with blood stains, she gained fame as an “Instapoet.” After Instagram deleted a self-portrait photograph showing her sleeping on a bed with blood stains, she gained fame as an “Instapoet.” With her petition, she called attention to the duplicity of a network that allowed women


Despite being invited by the White House to a Diwali event, Ms Kaur declined because she refuses invites from institutions that support collective punishment of civilians. Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, will be the host on November 8.

The US government justified “genocide against Palestinians”, according to Ms Kaur. On social media, she wrote, “I was invited to attend a Diwali event hosted by the Vice President on November 8 by the Biden administration.” She wrote, “I decline any invitation from an institution that supports collective punishment for trapped civilians, of whom 50% are children.” According to the poet, the American government has not only funded the bombardment of Gaza, but also continued to justify the genocide against Palestinians, regardless of how many refugee camps, health facilities, and places of worship were destroyed. Most countries, including the United Nations and Doctors Without Borders, reject the call for a humanitarian ceasefire baseline action. The number of Palestinians killed has exceeded 10,000. Women and children make up 70% of the dead, according to the UN. White phosphorus bombs have been used by Israel, which Amnesty International calls a war crime.

Other Celebrities Decline The Invite

Several South Asian celebrities also announced they were skipping the event in support of Ms Kaur. It has been announced that Netflix actor Richa Moorjani will boycott the White House celebration. The president’s Diwali is boycotted by me along with yours, she said.

In response to an invitation she had been waiting for since last year’s event, Payal said that she would decline the invitation. According to her, “I cannot support this administration in good faith.” It is not acceptable for glitzy outfits and photo opps to mask the dark intentions of this administration.

Israel-Hamas War

One month ago on October 7, Israel-Hamas started a war. Gaza has been hostage to more than 1,400 people, according to Israeli authorities. According to the Hamas-run health ministry, more than 10,000 Gazans have died, mostly civilians, as UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the coastal strip was becoming a graveyard for children.

As a result of their unprecedented attack, Israel has vowed to destroy the Islamist operatives, who killed entire families in their homes, as well as young people at a music festival, according to Israeli officials. In response to growing international pressure, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would consider tactical breaks in Gaza fighting to facilitate the entry of aid or the escape of hostages.

A three-day fighting break could help secure the release of some hostages, US President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. Biden and Netanyahu discussed “the possibility of tactical pauses to allow civilians to safely depart from areas of ongoing combat, to ensure assistance reaches civilians in need, and to enable possible hostage releases,” according to the White House in a statement on Monday.

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