When Sanjay Khan had brought sautan in the life of pregnant wife, Zareen herself revealed

When Sanjay Khan had brought sautan in the life of pregnant wife
When Sanjay Khan had brought sautan in the life of pregnant wife

Sanjay Khan Zareen Khan: It is common in Bollywood to be attracted to your co-star even after marriage. This happened in the life of actor-director Sanjay Khan as well.

His wife Zareen Khan was pregnant at that time. Sanjay was in a relationship with one of these his heroines. When he reached Simi Grewal’s show with his wife, he was also questioned about the same.

Sanjay did not hide this fact. To this his wife Zareen replied that he had patience and strength and knew that he would come back.

Zeenat Aman was her co-star

Sanjay Dutt was having an affair with Abdullah’s co-star Zeenat Aman at that time. There were also reports that both of them got married. This film was released in 1980. Zayed Khan was born in July of the same year. Sanjay’s affair, his wife got pregnant with Zayed

Sanjay did not deny the affair

When Simi Grewal asked Sanjay and Zareen about this, Sanjay said, it could have happened. He did not deny this. Sanjay said that I do not make such a promise to anyone which I cannot fulfill.

Simi told his wife that she was pregnant. With Zayed, to which he nodded. Zareen had said that he must have gone astray. But being an actor’s wife, you must be so patient.

At the same time, there must be strength and confidence that he will come back. Just for you. Simi asked if she didn’t think the marriage would break down. Zareen said to this, not at all.

Zareen said, I knew it was mine

Simi also asked if the children knew about this. To this Zareen said, the children were very young at that time. Every marriage has its ups and downs. Meanwhile, Sanjay said, I have not broken anyone’s trust.

Then Simi also said, this happens in the life of actors. Many glamorous women get attracted towards him. To this Zareen said, “Not only one but many glamorous actresses rejoice over her, but I always knew she was mine.

Did Sanjay Khan beat Zeenat Aman?

Sanjay Khan’s wife Zareen Khan had said about that incident, ‘The media was unfaithful to him. He unnecessarily attacked Abbas (Sanjay Khan). He made Abbas bad, Now when I look back, I feel bad.

When I met Zeenat I also said hello to her. Today she is happy and I am also happy. Life has moved on.

Khan had said – being the wife of an actor…

When asked about this, Sanjay Khan had said that he can be a threat to their marriage, but he does not make false promises to anyone. Then wife Zareen Khan had said, ‘I know my husband.

She may have strayed a bit, but as an actor’s wife, you must have that level of patience. At the same time, there should also be such strong faith and courage that whatever the husband is doing, but one day he will return to you.’

When Zareen Khan was asked if she ever felt that her marriage was over, she replied yes. However, Sanjay Khan said that his trust has been betrayed. Zareen Khan then said that Sanjay Khan

There was not only one glamorous woman who fell in love with him, but many more women fell in love with him. But it was always his.


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