WhatsApp Outage: Twitter Overflows With Hilarious Memes over Whatsapp Down

Whatsapp Down
Whatsapp Down

Whatsapp Down: With WhatsApp suffering an outage across India, Twitter took a swipe at the Facebook-owned services with hilarious memes.

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Meta Company Spokesperson in a statement said, “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible.”

More than 11,000 reports were made about the Meta Platforms owned service on the Downdetector monitor, reported Reuters.
The outage which began just after noon turned Twitter into a meme-fest as users thronged to Twitter. Hashtags like #WhatsAppDown and #WhatsApp started trending on Twitter.

Many users said they first thought their internet service was the problem.
A user wrote, “So I was blaming my WiFi but actually I got to check on Twitter that the WhatsApp is down.”

Whatsapp Down

A user commented, “People Coming to Twitter to see if WhatsApp is down

Whatsapp Down

Another user wrote, “Me after restarting my phone, putting it on airplane mode and uninstalling whatsapp and then coming to Twitter.

Whatsapp Down

How are we going to communicate since Whatsapp is down?
Professor : and that’s where Twitter comes in

Whatsapp Down

When your WhatsApp is not working but you come to Twitter and see that everyone else is having the same problem.

Whatsapp Down

People on Twitter now since WhatsApp is down  #WhatsappDown

Whatsapp Down

Prominent online tool Down Detector started noticing unusually high “problem reports” at 12.07 pm, and had listed thousands of such reports by 1 pm. Most reports were about messages not going through, at 69 per cent, while others reported server disconnection and the app crashing altogether.

Social media users from Italy and Turkey also posted about not being able to send messages.

The company said it’s working on bringing it back up.


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