What Led To Railway Cop Shooting 4 Dead On Train? His Colleague’s Account

What Led To Railway Cop Shooting 4 Dead On Train
What Led To Railway Cop Shooting 4 Dead On Train

Chetan Singh, a railway police officer, allegedly shot and killed three passengers and his senior on a train traveling from Jaipur to Mumbai hours before the incident. He requested to exit the train, but was instructed to finish his shift. He became enraged by this, which led to a fight in which he allegedly attempted to choke one of his coworkers.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Tikaram Meena and Singh were both passengers on the superfast train on Sunday night while Ghanshyam Acharya, a member of the Railway Protection Force, was on duty. Mr. Acharya has described to the police the sequence of events that led to the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives of Mr. Meena and three other people.

Mr. Acharya has told police that he was on escort duty with Mr. Meena (58), constable Narendra Parmar (58), and Singh (33), who described the tragic events of the night. Singh and Mr. Meena were on duty in the air-conditioned compartments while he and Mr. Parmar were in the sleeper coach, according to Mr. Acharya, who has informed investigators that they boarded the Mumbai-bound train at Surat around 2.53 am.

He quoted that a little over 30 minutes after they began, he went to ASI Meena to turn in a report. He was accompanied by three ticket inspectors, Constable Chetan Singh, and him. Chetan Singh was not feeling well, as ASI Meena informed him. He checked him with his hand to see whether he had a fever but Acharya was unable to understand it. Singh desired to exit the train at the following stop. He still had at least two hours of duty left, according to ASI Meena.

The 33-year-old officer, according to Mr. Acharya, was “in no mood to listen.” “Mr. Meena then called our Inspector and gave the order to alert Mumbai Central control room. Chetan Singh must finish his task before receiving medical attention in Mumbai, according to control room officials as well. Chetan Singh was not paying attention when ASI Meena tried to convey this to him, the Railway cop claimed in his statement. Singh refused the cold drink that Mr. Meena requested from Mr. Acharya, according to Mr. Acharya.

When Chetan Singh was ready to rest, ASI Meena instructed him to take his firearm. Acharya then requested him to lie down on an open seat in the B4 coach while he took the seat in front of him. Chetan Singh, however, slept only briefly. Ten minutes later, he began requesting for his weapon. Acharya declined and told him to take a nap. He attempted to choke him out of rage. He then pulled the weapon out of his hand after he was defeated and fled. Acharya realized he had accidentally seized his firearm, Mr. Acharya informed the police. In his statement, he said that he told his superiors right away. He and ASI Meena went to Singh shortly after and informed him of the weapon mix-up.

According to Mr. Acharya, the train arrived at Vaitarna station at roughly 5.25 am. Acharya had received a call from a classmate from the RPF informing him that ASI Meena had been shot. He enquired how he knew. He claimed to have heard from a coach attendant. Acharya then took off for coach B5. Some travelers were sprinting in my direction. They were terrified. They informed me that ASI Meena had been shot by Chetan Singh. I made sure Constable Narendra Parmar was okay by calling him. I additionally informed the control room. The railway officer reported to the police that he saw Singh close to coach B1.

Police have been informed by the railway officer that he instructed the passengers to close the windows and lay their heads down. According to Mr. Acharya, he noticed three passengers covered in blood when he approached coaches B5 and B6. Ajgar Abbas Shaikh, 48, and Abdul Kadarbhai Mohammed Hussain Bhanpurwala, 62, are two of the deceased passengers. Singh tried to get away but was apprehended. He has been detained, and a thorough investigation is ongoing. According to a senior officer who spoke to the media shared that he had a short fuse.

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