What is rippling muscle disease? Bodybuilding star Jo Linder’s rare condition explained

rippling muscle disease
rippling muscle disease

A YouTube bodybuilder, having 8.4 million Instagram followers, and his YouTube videos reportedly earned nearly 500 million views, Jo Lindner, or Joesthetics was a well-known German bodybuilder and fitness model.

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Jo Lindner gained popularity through his impressive physique, which he showcased on various social media platforms and in fitness competitions. Lindner was known for his muscular and well-defined physique, often featuring a combination of size, symmetry, and conditioning.

He had a significant following on social media, where he shares his workout routines, training tips, and fitness advice. Lindner’s dedication to fitness and his aesthetic physique have made him an inspiration for many individuals interested in bodybuilding and fitness.

His girlfriend Nicha confirmed his death on July 1st, at the age of 30. Nicha who is also a body builder informed that he passed away as they were holding hands, cuddling and he also gave her a personalised necklace with her name on it. It was a shock for his followers, and friends.

Nicha his girlfriend stated that Lindner, who had earlier this week suffered of neck pain, was suffering from an aneurysm. She added that she was present when he passed away. An abnormal bulging or bulge in the blood artery wall is known as an aneurysm or a rippling muscle.

Rippling muscle disease (RMD), also known as rippling muscle syndrome, is a rare neuromuscular disorder characterized by wave-like contractions that occur in the muscles when they are voluntarily activated or electrically stimulated. These contractions can cause a rippling or rolling effect under the skin, hence the name of the condition.

RMD is frequently transmitted in an autosomal dominant manner, which means that in order to be affected, a person only has to receive one copy of the damaged gene from either parent. It is brought on by changes in the CAV3 gene, which codes for the production of the caveolin-3 protein. The creation and operation of caveolae, which are tiny invaginations or pockets in the cell membrane, which are largely present in muscle cells, is facilitated by caveolin-3.

The exact mechanisms by which CAV3 mutations lead to the symptoms of RMD are not completely understood. However, it is believed that the abnormalities in caveolin-3 disrupt the normal functioning of muscle cells, particularly in the interaction between muscle fibers and the surrounding extracellular matrix. This disruption leads to an exaggerated response to muscle contraction, resulting in the characteristic rippling effect.

The symptoms of RMD can vary in severity and may include muscle rippling, muscle stiffness, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, and in some cases, muscle pain. These symptoms are typically more pronounced when the muscles are actively used or stimulated. The condition primarily affects skeletal muscles, which are responsible for voluntary movements.

Since there is currently no cure for RMD, treatment focuses on symptom management and enhancing quality of life. This may entail assistive equipment to facilitate mobility, medication to treat cramping and pain, and physical therapy to preserve muscular strength and flexibility. It is also advised that affected people and their families seek genetic counselling to better understand the inheritance pattern and the possibility of passing the problem on to future generations.

Lindner discussed being diagnosed with rippling muscle disease, a rare genetic disorder that makes muscles unusually sensitive to pressure or movement, in an interview with fellow bodybuilder Bradley Martyn last month. According to Linder, he was worried that excessive exercise might cause a heart attack.

He was worried about his heart as it is a muscle as well and he shared that he is scared what if his heart get cramps as well. He also added that the notion of the disease terrifies him and for the same reason he steered himself clear of bodybuilding competitions.

He could sense dehydration which might cause heart problems. He was taking diuretics and was drinking liquids a lot because taking diuretics may also cause excretion of sodium.

Moreover, he assumed that he no longer exist because he was not able to walk any longer. Linder noted that he was concerned about how this dehydration might result in heart problems. Jo Lindner, a bodybuilder, hinted at a health battle in a recent post.

In his final Instagram post before passing away, bodybuilder Joe Lindner, also known as Joesthetics, discussed his health problems and how he was fighting a rare disease.

The German bodybuilder had used Instagram two days prior to his dying to discuss his difficulties with testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). The celebrity wrote: “When I lost my gains because I went off everything for a year but then could not recover my own [testosterone] levels so went back on TRT.”

He also included a slide show of four topless images. “Trust me, I tried to stop, but be aware it might have long-term effects for your life,” he continued. Keep in mind that TRT is a significant commitment. He continued by describing how the final two slides showed how his body had changed both before and after using TRT.

You can see at chest, etc., all slim down, even my waist was smaller back then, he added, “so show a lot of size difference.” Before disclosing his hernia, he issued a challenge to his followers to “find 12 differences” between the two pictures. Jo added: “Also, my stomach is bigger now that I have a new hernia there from my hernia surgery.”

His 8.5 million followers haven’t stopped pouring into the post’s comments section to remember the deceased athlete. One wrote, rest in peace, Brazza; your legacy will endure forever.

You inspired so many people. Another penned, respect for you, King. We appreciate all you shared with us. “This is so sad, you were part of my fitness history,” said a third. Peace be with you.

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