“We Are At War”: Israel After Hamas Launches 5,000 Rockets From Gaza

Hamas Launches 5,000 Rockets From Gaza
Hamas Launches 5,000 Rockets From Gaza

Palestinian militants claimed that the rocket attack was only their “first strike” when Israel declared war on Hamas on Saturday. Blockaded Gaza strip has already been struck by Israeli air strikes.

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In his speech to the nation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that his country is at war with Hamas and that it will pay an unprecedented price. Hamas will pay an unprecedented price for this operation, he said in a video message to Israelis. There is no operation here, no escalation – there is war.

The festive holiday morning saw over 5,000 rockets pierce the sky towards Israel as loud sirens echoed across the country. In addition, Hamas militants, whom the country’s defense forces consider terrorists, were alleged to be infiltrating the country. The attack used paragliders and cars passing by were fired at on the roads, according to visuals from Israel. (LIVE BLOG)

In launching a war against Israel, Hamas made a “grave mistake,” according to Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. The IDF (Israeli army) is fighting against the enemy at every location, according to Gallant. Hamas made a grave mistake this morning by launching a war against Israel.

A state of war has been declared by the Israel Defense Forces. Israeli military earlier said that rockets have been fired into Israeli territory from Gaza, and terrorists have infiltrated the country through various entry points.

During “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood,” Hamas’ armed wing said it fired more than 5,000 rockets in the first 20 minutes of the operation. In a prerecorded speech, Hamas militant leader Mohamed Deif said, “With the help of God, we have decided to put an end to all of this, so that the enemy understands that recklessness without accountability is over.”

As multiple points of impact have been reported across southern and central parts of Israel, sirens are blaring in Jerusalem and throughout the country. Civilians near shelters are asked to stay home, while those near Gaza are asked to stay near shelters.

During the rocket attacks, 15 people were injured, including an elderly woman who died from a direct hit.

On social media, haunting images of Gazan border residents fleeing their homes have surfaced. As hundreds of men and women walked away from the Israeli border carrying blankets and food, they were seen carrying blankets and food.

There have been several wars between Israel and Palestinian militants since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007. Following Israel’s closure of Gazan workers’ borders, tensions have heightened. There have been 247 Palestinian deaths this year, 32 Israeli deaths, and two foreign deaths. Both fighters and civilians are included in this category.

Israel continued to commit crimes across Palestinian land and especially at the holy site of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem a day after Hamas called for drawing a line to end its occupation.

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