Vote For Me Without Any Fear: Margaret Alva

Video message of Margaret Alva
Video message of Margaret Alva

Video message of Margaret Alva: Ahead of the August 6 vice presidential election, United Opposition candidate Margaret Alva on Thursday called on all lawmakers to vote for the “best fit” candidate without fear or political pressure.

Video message of Margaret Alva: Vote For Me Without Any Fear

In a video appeal, she claimed that she is the “best candidate” because she has experience and will act impartially from the chair, apart from committing herself to building a consensus on issues of national importance.

“I appeal to every member of Parliament to vote for me in the election to be held on 6th August without any fear. There is really nothing but fear.

“With your support, if elected as the Vice-President, I am committed to work with you to build consensus on issues of national importance and restore the pride of Parliament,” he said.

“My video message, to Members of Parliament, across party lines. The VP election on 6 August is not subject to a party whip and is held by secret ballot. MPs are expected to vote that candidate without fear, or political pressure. Vote for who they believe is the best fit for this important office,” she tweeted while also sharing her video message.

Ms. Alva said it was a privilege and an honor for her to be a candidate for the post of Vice President of India after being supported by a large number of political parties.

Vote For Me Without Any Fear: Margaret Alva

He said that he has worked for 50 years as a member of both the houses of Parliament, Union Minister and Governor.

“The election of the Vice-President is not just any other election. It should be seen as a referendum on how to run Parliament. Today, with communication between members of Parliament is almost non-existent. It reduces Parliament to the public eye. ,” said the former governor.

Stating that the election for the post of Vice-President is not like any other election, he said that the framers of the Constitution have ensured that there will be no whip for this election and it will be a secret ballot.

“And it is for a reason. It gives an opportunity to Members of Parliament to choose the best candidate available without pressure from their political parties. A candidate who has experience and who will act fairly from the chair. I believe that I am that candidate,” she claimed.

Veteran Alva has been in public life for more than 50 years as a member of Congress. He is pitted against former West Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar, who is an NDA candidate.

The numbers stand in favor of Dhankhar, as the BJP enjoys the support of a majority in both the houses of Parliament.

All MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are eligible to vote to elect the successor of the incumbent M Venkaiah Naidu.

The results of the Vice Presidential election will be announced on the same day.


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