Viral Videos Show UAE Flooded, Cars Float Under Water

UAE Flooded
UAE Flooded

UAE Flooded: In a rare incident, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was hit by heavy rains on Thursday, resulting in flooding in several areas. Several videos surfaced on social media showing rescue teams rescuing people from Sharjah and Fujairah. Both cities are badly affected – especially Fujairah due to its mountainous terrain and valleys. People living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi reported very little rain. Many people were seen taking shelter in hotels and elsewhere to escape the unusual summer floods.

Visuals on Twitter showed cars parked on the streets of Fujairah completely submerged in water, entering already empty shops in Kalba Bazar. See Video on Cloud Seeding

Fujairah UAE ~ Floods !

— Rehman A (@rehmanspore) July 28, 2022

In another video, roads at the entrance of the city are seen badly damaged due to floods. Vehicles are seen moving with asphalt falling from many places on the road filled with potholes.

According to the Khaleej Times, the rain caused flash floods in the eastern parts of the UAE, damaging homes and washing away vehicles. Military vehicles have been deployed to rescue people from the affected areas. The Emirates Meteorological Department has already issued a red alert in view of “dangerous weather events”. It said it would be cloudy over the next few days, adding that convective clouds could cause rain to “spread eastwards and into some interior and southern areas”.

The National said in a report that about 900 people were rescued by emergency personnel. It further said that 3,897 people have been kept in temporary shelters in Sharjah and Fujairah and will remain there until they are deemed safe to return home.

The National Center for Meteorology (NCM) said that climate change is responsible for the increasing frequency of heavy rains in the emirate.

UAE Flooded

“Global warming and climate change are probably one of the reasons responsible for the increase in the frequency of rains in the UAE. England has recently recorded the highest temperature in the midst of a heat wave in parts of Europe. Hence, the climate the change is evident. Another factor (for rain in the UAE) is El Nio and La Nia events climate patterns that can affect weather around the world, the agency said in a statement, according to Khaleej Times.

The UAE cabinet has directed all federal departments to make arrangements, while the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MoHRE) has issued the same notice to private sector establishments.