Udaipur tailor murderer Riyaz Attari allegedly BJP Karyakarta

Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta
Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta

Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta

The Congress on Saturday questioned the Center on handing over the investigation of the Udaipur murder case to the National Investigation Agency.

Citing some media reports that claimed to have links between accused Riyaz Attari and a BJP leader, Congress leader Pawan Khera said, “We did our research on those claims and found old Facebook posts of Rajasthan BJP leaders where Riyaz Attari was mentioned as a ‘BJP worker‘.” Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta.

“What could be clearer than this? Riyaz Attari was present at the programs of BJP leaders. BJP leaders called him ‘Bhai’. What is happening in this country?” Pawan Khera said.

Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta

“Yesterday, the Supreme Court made some serious observations which need to be revisited in the light of new revelations in the Udaipur case.

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Who is Nupur Sharma?

Who is Nupur Sharma? His identity has been established by the party. She made those remarks as a spokesperson for the BJP and remained in office even after 10 days.

So if the Supreme Court makes some remarks against Nupur Sharma, those comments are for the BJP.”

BJP Refused Allegation

“When the Center ordered an NIA probe, we welcomed it. Our chief minister (Ashok Gehlot) assured assistance to the NIA.

But now we are asking the question: Did the Center have hastily ordered an NIA probe to hide these information about Riyaz Attari.

Mohammad Riaz Attari is one of the killers of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal, who was beheaded and recorded online.

Riyaz Attari and Ghaus Muhammad took responsibility for the murder, which, they said, was to avenge the insult to Islam. Kanhaiya posted in support of Nupur Sharma on social media.

The BJP has already countered the allegations and said that the killers had tried to infiltrate like the LTTE killers tried to enter the Congress to kill Rajiv Gandhi.

“The killers of Udaipur were not members of the BJP. Their infiltration attempt was like the LTTE assassin’s attempt to enter the Congress to kill Rajiv Gandhi.

Congress must stop playing with terror and national security,” tweeted Amit Malviya, calling Attari’s claims of BJP links fake. Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta.

Riyaz Attari BJP Karyakarta