Top Wrestlers Rejoin Work, Sakshee Malikkh Says “Protest Will Continue”

Protest Will Continue
Protest Will Continue

Protest Will Continue: Has the protest mania ended despite all the band and bluster? Has the dramatic sit-in event of the grapplers met their objectives for justice, or is it yet to prevail? The news has been circulating that the top wrestlers have moved back and resumed their duties at the railways.

The government pledged to form an oversight committee to investigate the claims, leading to the suspension of the demonstrations in January 2023. The protesting wrestlers resumed their actions in April 2023, accusing the authorities of inaction.

There are seven complainants in the case, including a child. Sakshee Malik, Vinesh Phogat, and Bajrang Punia were the wrestlers at the forefront fighting for their prospects and honour as their existence, dignity, and aim of being wrestler were at stake.

Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, the president of the wrestling federation of India, was under fire for the guns and this news has been doing the rounds for quite some time now.

He has been accused of being a sexual assaulter who harasses the budding wrestling stars along with other coaches. The wrestlers did not find themselves safe and hit the roads for the same very purpose.

The protesters also tried to march towards the new parliament house building. The Delhi Police and security staff halted the demonstrators as they marched peacefully towards the New Parliament House before pushing, dragging, and arresting them.

After being apprehended, the wrestlers were thrown onto police buses and driven to various police stations. The protesters who were detained said the administration was using excessive force by the police to try to quiet them.

Protesters said that when the police began pulling them, they were peacefully demonstrating. They also claimed that the Delhi Police used excessive force against them, dragging even ladies and tearing their clothing.

However, Brij Bhushan, the main accuser, has consistently refuted the charges. He refused to give up his position as WFI president, stated that the wrestlers’ demands were always changing, and said that the wrestlers who were protesting belonged to a single group.

However, 90% of the wrestlers from Haryana backed him. Bhushan also asserted that laws intended to safeguard women are being abused. He had said that if even one accusation against him was to be substantiated, he would hang himself.

The main key players of the protest Malik, Punia, and Phogat have resumed their work on May 31st.The farmers’ intervention and home minister Amit Shah had assured the wrestlers that the law in the country is the same for everyone, from poor to rich.

They were taken into confidence and guaranteed that strict action will be taken against the main culprit, Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. However, no action has been taken so far. It has been known through different sources that Ms.

Malik and Ms. Punia have joined their railway duties. Ms. Malik has stated that the protest will not end any sooner. It is their fight for justice and they will not step back. She further mentioned that she and her wrestling mates are working on a future strategy for justice to prevail.

She continued that seven players who were the victims of sexual harassment will not sit down in peace and their struggle for egalitarianism will continue.

The protest had gained popularity and different veterans of the sports fraternity had joined hands and stood up for the grapplers. The foreign media had also shown a great interest in the whole matter and issued a statement internationally to condemn and criticize the whole incident as the protests are lingering on.

The (UWW) United World Wrestling had warned the Indian federation to give thought to the entire problem and conduct elections within 45 days, otherwise, the federation will be suspended.

For the six female and minor wrestlers, it was a nightmare when the president of the Federation of India tried to grope and touch breasts and navels without their consent, demanding sexual favours for professional help or stalking the female players.

This led to an atmosphere of fear and trauma among the female players. The allegations were disclosed publically to gain help and assistance from the government.

Every grappler part of the protests has its own story of struggles and hard work and winning for the nation. One such wrestler is Sakshi Malik who was born on 3rd Sep1992 in Mokhra village, Haryana, Rohtak. Her grandfather, who was a wrestler as well inspired her.

She started her formal wrestling training at 12 and won her first international silver medal at 17. At 23, she won the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics commonwealth games. She was married to her fellow wrestler, Satyawart Kadian, at 24.

Now at 31, she has been seen on the roads protesting, hugging all her laurels and determined to submerge them all at the Gang if their call of protest and accusations against their federation’s president will not be heard. Every other wrestler in the protest has a similar story who have been subjected to sexual harassment at one time or another.

This is not all to the episode. After backing off, the latest to the news is that in less than 24 hours they deny the withdrawal. According to them, false reports about derailing the protests are being circulated in the media.

They haven’t quit the demonstrations, and they never will. Ms. Sakshee Malik has requested people disregard false information. It was also mentioned that the minor girl’s father returned the FIR.

She said they were forced to leave Jantar Mantar on May28 because of a lack of a permit, but they will start their demonstrations as soon as they can get it back on the ground.

The wrestlers will update the country via Twitter if anything happens during this time, the speaker continued. Punia has tweeted that it’s only a rumour that they will end the demonstrations.

It is being disseminated against them. They haven’t gone back or stopped supporting the movement. The rumour that female wrestlers have retracted their FIRs is likewise untrue. He tweeted the struggle will go on until justice is done.

Let’s see which way the wind blows.