‘Top Gun’ In Real Life? Chinese, American Jets 10 Feet From Each Other

Top Gun In Real Life
Top Gun In Real Life

Top Gun In Real Life?: Senior US military officials described several of last week’s intercepts as “risky and aggressive.” The Pentagon released footage of more than 180 such intercepts this week.

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US Air Force B-52 bomber conducted routine operations over the South China Sea when a Chinese J-11 fighter jet flew within 10 feet of it. There are only a few instances when “unsafe” is used. According to the US military’s Indo-Pacific Command, the Chinese fighter pilot’s actions “demonstrated poor airmanship by closing at an uncontrolled excessive speed near the B-52, flying beneath, in front of, and within ten feet of it.”

Top Gun In Real Life?

In violation of international air safety rules and norms, this intercept occurred at night, with limited visibility. Military aircraft should approach other aircraft with professionalism and with due regard for safety…”

The pilot may not have been aware how close he came to a collision.

PACOM shared a 38-second night-vision video showing the J-11 approaching the B-52 and passing so close the camera even captured the nose of the American aircraft.

Since 2021, Chinese pilots have engaged in a series of “unprofessional” actions that affect the US’ ability to operate safely in the area, according to PACOM.

Senior US military officials described several of these intercepts as “risky and aggressive” in last week’s Pentagon release.

China may accidentally provoke conflict by its regional intimidation, according to the officials cited by The Associated Press.

It is particularly concerning that Beijing has stymied bids to initiate military-level talks on this topic, as reported by US media on Tuesday.

As reported by The Washington Post, China’s increasing belligerence in a region it wants to dominate is meant to intimidate the US military.

Although China has not responded, the state-run Global Times published an article on Thursday demanding the US “stop meddling in South China Sea issues”.

As a direct response to US President Joe Biden’s “ironclad” declaration that the Philippines will be protected if Beijing attacks, the article had a pointed tone.

Despite China’s claims to these waters, tensions between Beijing and Manila have escalated in recent months, with tensions peaking on October 22 after Chinese and Filipino ships collided in two separate incidents. A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry responded that the US had “no right to intervene” in a dispute between two countries.

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