MOST DANGEROUS BATSMAN IN IPL: The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is one of the most celebrated cricket festivals in India. The best batsmen and bowlers of the cricket field formed teams to compete against each other and play against each other. The format of the game does not support batsmen who stay on the ground for a longer period of time and score fewer runs.

The IPL is also very popular among youth and adults because of its edgy batsmen who can gear up themselves right away. We will look at the top 10 most dangerous batsmen in the IPL here.

In the IPL, he is one of the most famous players. From the moment he gets his first strike on the ground, the former South African batsman can get on the nerves of bowlers very badly.

Chris Gayle

Gayle, West Indies’ threatening opener, is a living nightmare for opposing bowlers. In IPL history, he has been one of the most lethal openers. Some of Chris Gayle’s records are the highest ever scored in an IPL innings.

David Warner

Among the top 10 most dangerous players in the IPL, David Warner is a must-have. In addition to 44 fifties and four hundreds, he also has a strike rate of 142.09. His name also means destruction. Warner will be included in any list of the top-performing dangerous batsmen of the IPL.

Virat Kohli

In the IPL, Kohli is one of the most impressive batsmen. He is probably the most dangerous and furious. As a result of his powerful execution of the game and his outstanding performance, the team is always in a winning position. His stats are always screaming high in records. He is the most dangerous batsman in the IPL because of his destructive and furious batting skills.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni is one of the most dangerous batsmen in the IPL league. Former Indian cricket captain is a terrific team player and captain. A team with him would automatically attract so much attention. After his comeback in 2018, Dhoni lashed out with an average of 75 against his opponents after scoring over 300 runs in almost every season of the IPL.

Andre Russell

Russell, who played for Delhi Daredevils in 2012, is now playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League. For a limited innings match, he has exceptional skills. Russell has scored 1517 runs in 74 IPL matches and has 105 fours and 129 sixes in 74 matches.

Suresh Raina

With his good inline cricket, Raina ranks among the top 10 most dangerous batsmen in the IPL. In the history of the IPL, Raina ranks second with a strike rate of 137.14 runs. In addition, he is among the players who have played the most IPL matches.

Hardik Pandya

Pandya plays for Mumbai Indians as well as the Indian Cricket Team and he is undoubtedly one of the most groundbreaking batsmen in the IPL. In a short period of time, Pandya has transformed himself into a high-spirited player.

Glen Maxwell

In the Indian Premier League, Maxwell is a big name. Previously playing for RCB and now playing for Kings XI Punjab, Maxwell has displayed his unique performance and has played exceptionally well in all seasons of the IPL since 2014. Maxwell has delivered 1505 runs with a strike rate of 154.67 in 82 matches in the IPL.

Kieron Pollard

Last but not least, Kieron Pollard is one of the top 10 dangerous batsmen in IPL. The strike rate of Pollard is 178.71.