Thailand To Waive Visa Requirements For Indians To Draw More Tourists

Thailand To Waive Visa Requirements For Indians To Draw More Tourists
Thailand To Waive Visa Requirements For Indians To Draw More Tourists

In an effort to attract more tourists as the high season approaches, Thailand will waive visa requirements for Indians and Taiwanese from next month to May 2024.

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A record 39 million visitors arrived in Thailand in 2019 as a result of Thailand’s September visa abolition. Chinese tourists were Thailand’s biggest pre-pandemic tourism market.

According to the latest government statistics, 22 million tourists visited Thailand between January and October 29.

Thailand’s spokesperson Chai Wacharonke said Indians and Taiwanese can enter for 30 days.

With about 1.2 million arrivals so far this year, India has been Thailand’s fourth largest source market for tourism.

With more airlines and hotels targeting the Indian market, inbound tourism from India showed signs of growth.

A new government in Thailand hopes that the tourism sector will offset continued weak exports that have constrained economic growth by bringing in about 28 million tourists this year.

Thailand allows Indians and Taiwanese to enter for 30 days, according to Thai government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke. According to him, the scheme is expected to attract 1.4 million more tourists, resulting in an additional 55 billion baht or $1.5 billion in revenue.

According to news agency AFP, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin said India and Taiwan will be granted visa-free entry to Thailand. At immigration checkpoints, Indian and Taiwanese tourists must present bank statements and proof of accommodation to obtain a 15-day visa-on-arrival. 

Thai authorities waived tourist visa requirements for Chinese nationals in September. In 2019, Thailand welcomed 39 million visitors, including 11 million from China, its top pre-pandemic market.

Indian globetrotters can now travel to Thailand without a visa. For the next seven years, visitors from seven countries will be able to enter Sri Lanka visa-free, including India and China. 

According to government data, 22 million visitors to Thailand generated revenue worth 927.5 billion baht or $25.67 billion from January to October. One million Russian tourists have visited Thailand since 2023, of which nearly one million have come from Russia. 

As Thailand hopes to offset weak exports that have adversely affected the country’s economy this year, the government anticipates roughly 28 million tourist arrivals. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Thailand’s tourism sector has struggled to recoup almost 20 percent of its GDP. Indian visitors to Thailand from January to September 2023 numbered around 1.2 million, ranking fourth after Malaysia, China and South Korea.

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