“Take Bra In Hand And Leave”: Kerala Girl Describes NEET Exam Horror

NEET Exam Horror
NEET Exam Horror

NEET Exam Horror: One of the teenagers who was allegedly forced to remove her bra ahead of the NEET medical entrance exam in Kerala’s Kollam on Sunday described her humiliation for covering her chest while appearing for the exam.

It was a “very bad experience”, the 17-year-old said, chuckling while sharing what happened at the center for NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test), the nationwide test for medical admission.

“They called me and said there would be a scanning. We thought they would let us go after the scan but they made us stand in two lines – one for girls wearing bras with no metal hooks, and the other line…,” He said.

NEET Exam Horror

“They asked me, are you wearing underwear with metal hooks? I said yes, so asked to join that line.”

The girl said that she could hardly understand what was happening and why.

“They told us to take off our bras and put them on a table. All the bras were tied together. We didn’t even know if we would get our bras back when we came back. When we came back it was crowded.

There was a scramble, but I got mine,” she said, describing the endless mortal moments before one of the most important exams any medical candidate can take.

Some girls cried in shame. One of the female security staff reportedly asked, “Why are you crying?”

The security personnel, creating panic, instructed the girls to lift their bras and move forward.

“They said take your bras in hand, there’s no need to wear them. We were so embarrassed to hear that. But everyone waited to change. It was dark and there was no place to change…

This one was a terrible experience. When we were writing the exam, we kept our hair in front because we didn’t have any shawls to cover ourselves…

there were boys and girls and it was really tough and uncomfortable,” alleged the girl.

The shocking incident came to light when the father of a 17-year-old girl complained to the police. She said, “90 per cent of the girls had to have their nerves removed before taking the exam” and she was crying.

“Is your future or innerwear bigger for you? Just take it off and don’t waste our time,” the father’s complaint quoted security personnel as saying.

Two more complaints were filed today.

The National Testing Agency has ordered a fact-finding team to investigate the incident. The agency had previously denied the allegations and said it had been told the complaint was “fictitious”.

The National Commission for Women called the incident “shameful and insulting to the modesty of young girls”.