Supreme Court slams Nupur Sharma for Prophet remark

Nupur Sharma Prophet remark
Nupur Sharma Prophet remark

Supreme Court slams Nupur Sharma for Prophet remark

Massive protests broke out in India earlier this month after Nupur Sharma made inappropriate comments during a TV debate, and Indian embassies were called to many Gulf nations for stern reprimands. Nupur Sharma Prophet remark!

The court told her she needs to apologize to the country

Today, the Supreme Court said that former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s comments about Prophet Muhammad caused tension and that “she and her loose tongue have set the country on fire.”

The court told her she needs to apologize to the country in a way that was very harsh. “The way she has made people feel all over the country. This woman is the only one to blame for what is going on in the country “the judges said.

Nupur Sharma’s offensive comments during a TV debate

This month, Nupur Sharma’s offensive comments during a TV debate caused huge protests in India, and several Gulf countries called Indian diplomats to their capitals to give them harsh reprimands. On Tuesday, two men killed on camera a tailor in Udaipur who had backed Nupur Sharma in a social media post. They said they were “taking revenge for an insult to Islam.”

“She actually has a loose tongue. She has said all kinds of irresponsible things on TV and set the whole country on fire. But she says she has been a lawyer for 10 years… She should have apologized right away to the whole country for what she said “The court said no to Nupur Sharma’s request to put all the police complaints against her in different parts of the country into one.

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“Supreme Court slams Nupur Sharma and says she should apologize to the whole country. Court says she and her loose tongue has set the entire country on fire. Supreme Court says her outburst is responsible for the unfortunate incident at Udaipur, where a tailor was murdered”

In the petition filed under the name “NV Sharma,” the leader of the BJP who was suspended said that the video of her comments was “mischievously edited” and “shared by anti-social elements.”

The Supreme Court said that:

When asked about the “false name” on her petition, her lawyer said that she didn’t use her real name because she had been threatened. The judges asked, “Does she face threats, or has she become a threat to security?”

Nupur Sharma’s argument about “equal treatment” and “no discrimination” was also turned down by the court. “When you file an FIR against someone else, they are arrested right away, but when it’s against you, no one has been brave enough to touch you,” the judges said. The Supreme Court said that her comments showed that she was “obstinate and proud”.

According to the Judges of the Supreme Court

“What if she is the party’s spokesperson? She thinks she has power behind her and can say whatever she wants without regard for the law?”

They also said: “These comments are very upsetting and seem rude. What gives her the right to say such things? Some bad things have happened in the country because of these comments… These people don’t follow any religion. They don’t care about how other people worship. These comments were made to get cheap publicity, push a political agenda, or do something else bad”.

Nupur Sharma’s lawyer said that she had only answered the anchor’s question

Her lawyer said that she had only answered the anchor’s question during a TV debate. When the lawyer brought up the right of the people to speak. The judges sneered: “In a democracy, anyone can say what they want. In a democracy, both the grass and the donkey have the right to grow and eat”. Nupur Sharma’s argument, which was based on an earlier order about protecting the freedom of the press, also didn’t hold water.

“You can’t put her on the same level as a journalist. When she goes on a TV debate and yells at the other side and says things that aren’t true without thinking about how it will affect society, “said the Supreme Court.