Strong Tremors In Delhi After 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake In Nepal

Strong Tremors In Delhi After 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake In Nepal
Strong Tremors In Delhi After 6.2 Magnitude Earthquake In Nepal

After a series of earthquakes hit Nepal Tuesday, tremors were felt in Delhi – of magnitudes 4.6 and 6.2 within 25 minutes of each other, another of 3.8 magnitude 15 minutes later, and a fourth of 3.1 magnitude 13 minutes later at 3.19 PM IST.

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At 2.25 PM, the first earthquake struck. In addition to the 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Arunachal Pradesh, a 3.3 magnitude disturbance in Uttarakhand occurred minutes later, according to the National Centre for Seismology.

A strong earthquake hit Uttarakhand 206 km southeast of Joshimath and Lucknow 284 km north of it.

According to X (formerly Twitter), the NCS said the earthquake occurred on 03-10-2023 at 14:51:04 IST, at 29.39 latitude and 81.23 longitude, at a depth of 5 kilometers.

Delhi and other parts of the national capital region were affected by the earthquake. After the second earthquake in Delhi-NCR, residents reported strong tremors and evacuated offices. Social media was flooded with videos of people rushing out of buildings.

In a statement, Delhi Police said, “We hope you are all safe. Please come out of your buildings to a safe spot, but do not panic. Do not use elevators. If you need any assistance, dial 112.”

Lucknow, Hapur, and Amroha in Uttar Pradesh were also reported to have felt tremors. As a result of the two earthquakes in Nepal, parts of Uttarakhand also experienced tremors. As well as Chandigarh and Jaipur, tremors were felt across north India, according to news agency PTI.

So far, Nepal has not reported any damage, injuries, or deaths.

Following a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in Meghalaya, tremors were felt in Assam and other north-east states on Monday. At 6.15 PM, the quake struck. Resubelpara is three kilometers from the epicentre in the North Garo Hills.

Nepal lies in one of the world’s most active tectonic zones (Seismic Zone IV and V), making it extremely vulnerable to earthquakes. More than 8,000 people were killed and 21,000 were injured in a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015.

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