Story of a young man who translated ‘An workplace is a spot the place desires come true’ theory into reality, thanks to his passionate commitment and unwavering hard work

Satish Sanpal Story
Satish Sanpal Story

Satish Sanpal: VII Group CEO Satish Sanpal had well blended his innate talent with hard work to cherish his ambitious goals in business. A self-made and successful entrepreneur, Satish also had a dream. And his dream was to become one of the leading manpower service firms in UAE. The young entrepreneur says, “Destiny helps to some extent in the career of a professional, but what ultimately rewards you sooner or later is the ever-expanding amount of faith, determination and perseverance you put into your objective.”

Many plunge into entrepreneurship. But not all will be successful. The reason is simple. Success is a combination of opportunity and enterprise. Satish Sanpal, CEO of UAE-based VII Group, is a blessed man who has both the qualities blended well. He chased potential opportunities and translated opportunities into not only success but excellence. He is now one of the top young entrepreneurs in UAE.

It is the story of a smart and enterprising young man from Jabalpur, India, who jumped into the huge pool of manpower services and emerged in flying colors. Having proved his mettle in administering more than five thousand skilled labors and making his company an indispensable choice for manpower requirements, Satish now forays into other verticals in realty to make his company a 360-degree construction company.

Talented and intelligently able to do business, Satish’s VII Group has already strengthened its presence in the Manpower Services segment in the Emirates. His endurance was such that it required immense experience, thorough knowledge of the domain and the confidence to conquer a ton of tough times.

An enthusiastic boy belonging to a simple family in Jabalpur, India, Satish had shown an appetite for business since his teenage years. And his passion for doing business was nurtured and flourished on his first experiment in the manpower services sector in the Emirates.

Satish had a brief stint as a salesman before stepping into an entrepreneur. He realized the huge potential in manpower services during his brief stint with the franchise firm. And this was a turning point for Satish.

He quit his job and started his manpower services in a one room set up. But his development was phenomenal.

Though he had a tough time in the initial days, Satish swam in the rough waters to make his company’s brand a visible and attractive one. A committed and painstaking Satish succeeded and in less than a decade made his brand highly visible in the manpower services segment of the Emirates.

Satish’s unwavering commitment to quality and strict adherence to timetables make VII an option even for construction majors when it comes to manpower services.

But that didn’t stop his endurance with his success in manpower services. Having achieved his earlier goal of strengthening VII’s presence in the UAE, Satish has ventured into other verticals in the construction industry – designing, development, construction, facility management and finally turn-key projects.

Today VII Group is an end-to-end construction company, spread across all verticals of the realty sector with few other diversified businesses running under its corporate umbrella.


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