Shiv Sena Revolt: What next to Eknath Shinde?

Eknath Shinde Is New Maharashtra Chief Minister
Eknath Shinde Is New Maharashtra Chief Minister

Shiv Sena Revolt: What next to Eknath Shinde?:

Shiv Sena Revolt: Eknath Shinde also has the option of exploring the possibility of agreeing with Uddhav Thackeray to resolve the dispute.

The huge tussle in the Shiv Sena ranks is threatening to topple the Maharashtra government. At the heart of the crisis, Eknath Shinde, the leader of the rebel camp, has several options for his next course of action.

Have a look at the options in front of Eknath Shinde:

Shiv Sena Revolt: The Uddhav Thackeray-led Shiv Sena has demanded the disqualification of 16 rebels, including Eknath Shinde, for not attending the legislature party meeting on Wednesday. If the disqualification continues, Mr. Shinde will lose his MLA post and all his efforts will be undone. Though he will have the option of going to court, it will be a long drawn out process.

Dr Anant Kalse, former principal secretary of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, said that the other option before Shinde is to press for a no-confidence motion by writing a letter to the governor. But there is an obstacle. Under the anti-defection law, the Shinde faction would be required to merge into a party with two-thirds of the strength of Shiv Sena MLAs.

Shiv Sena Revolt: If he merges with the BJP, his claims to the legacy of Shiv Sena founder Bal Thackeray will crumble and his political future will be in jeopardy. They may also try to merge with Independent MLA Bacchu Kudu’s Prahar Janshakti Party – two legislators alleging allegiance to the party are now with the Shinde camp.

If the Shinde faction wants to take the reins of Shiv Sena from Mr Thackeray, it will have to approach the Election Commission and gain control of the party’s symbol. Team Thackeray has insisted that the party’s constitution will not allow this and that they still have the support of grassroots leaders.

Mr. Shinde also has the option of exploring the possibility of an understanding to settle the dispute with Mr. Thackeray. However, this window seems to be closing fast as the war of words between the two sides intensifies.


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