Sena Rebels new destination: Goa

Sena Rebels new destination
Sena Rebels new destination

Sena Rebels new destination: Goa

Team Thackeray – undeveloped to around 15 MLAs – has asked the Supreme Court to put an end to any move to prove majority in the Maharashtra Assembly for now. Sena Rebels new destination

Suitcases were swiftly packed, unpacked, and then repacked today at a Guwahati hotel where 40 Shiv Sena MLAs have set up base camp as they try to oust Uddhav Thackeray as Maharashtra chief minister are.

The MLA discussed at 10 in the morning. For the flight to AIR – and the way it was booked – he was suddenly, once again, about to reconnect. They left to leave the airport at 7 pm.

“We will wait for the verdict,” Deepak Kesarkar, an MLA, said while speaking to NDTV before the group took off from Assam. He was referring to the hearing in the Supreme Court to be held at 5 pm. What happens next in Maharashtra’s political crisis depends on it?

Team Thackeray – for about 15 MLAs, including 4 ministers – asked the Supreme Court to put an end to any move to prove their majority in the Maharashtra Assembly. Those moves were brought into motion last night with a BJP congregation led by Devendra Fadnavis, who hopes to return as Maharashtra chief minister. The BJP team went to ask Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari to conduct a floor test immediately as his support has fallen far below the security mark. Sena Rebels new destination

It is true that the number of rebels within the army is 39. They are led by Eknath Shinde, who, until the rebellion broke out, was a senior minister in Mr. Thackeray’s government and the party. If the rebels remain united, and align with the BJP, they may topple the current government with a handful of independent candidates.

Mr Thackeray has told the Supreme Court that a vote cannot take place as the court is yet to decide whether the 16 rebel MLAs should be disqualified for anti-party activities. The Supreme Court had last week fixed July 16 for hearing that matter. Until that decision is known, Team Thackeray says, one vote cannot be allowed.

But the governor wrote to Mr. Thackeray this afternoon, clarifying his stand saying “I believe that your government is in a minority.”

In distant Guwahati, the rebels have been caught, taking their cue from the BJP. Mr. Shinde has openly declared that by virtue of his numbers his faction should be legally recognized as the real Shiv Sena, and that all he wants is to reunite with the BJP, which has won every party. Level roadside assistance is provided. Since Mr. Shinde and the first group of rebels left Mumbai in a bus at midnight a week ago. The Gujarat Police took him to a five star in Surat, then flew the next day to Guwahati, where BJP ministers visited him at his hotel and accompanied him for his temple darshan this morning.

“We are very grateful to them,” Mr. Kesarkar told NDTV today, “We have been kept here very thoughtfully and graciously. When we arrived, we did not know the extent of the floods in the state. We handed over a check. 51 lakh in the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.”

At a time when thousands of villages are submerged in water, the Assam government’s focus on Camp Shinde has come under severe criticism. Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma told NDTV a few days ago that “We have nothing to do with the MLAs of Maharashtra living in Guwahati. We are focusing on flood management, our people know that our focus is on floods.” And I am visiting the flood affected areas every day.”

“Whenever that happens, we will try to reach Maharashtra, we will come there,” Mr. Kesarkar told NDTV. Making it clear that the bio-bubble in Guwahati will move to Mumbai in time for the vote. This helps keep the team impenetrable to Mr. Thackeray, which is crucial to keeping the rebellion against him afloat.

Last evening, Mr Thackeray made a second public appeal to the rebels, urging them to return home so that they could talk face-to-face. “You’re still my family, let’s talk,” he said. Sena Rebels new destination