Sara Ali Khan calls Salman Khan ‘uncle’

Sara Ali Khan calls Salman Khan 'uncle’
Sara Ali Khan calls Salman Khan 'uncle’

Sara Ali Khan calls Salman Khan ‘uncle’:

Apart from Salman Khan’s emotional speech at IIFA 2022, he also had fun with Sara Ali Khan. The Kedarnath actress called him uncle.

Sara Ali Khan is famous and known for her comic timing. And so is Salman Khan! Imagine the moment when these two are on stage together. This happens at IIFA 2022, Sara Ali Khan and Salman Khan shared a stage and what happened next will make you laugh loud. Salman Khan hosted IIFA 2022 for a while and as soon as Sara Ali Khan came on stage, she called him Uncle Salman. Yes, he did! While Sara Ali Khan jokingly said that, she wants to establish some brand with Salman Khan ‘Chacha’. How did he react?

Salman Khan took it as game but in response said that Sara Ali Khan has lost a film. She said that since she calls him uncle Salman, So Sara Ali Khan will no longer be his heroine. And everyone was laughing out loud. Check out the exclusive video below:

Meanwhile at IIFA 2022, Salman Khan too was in tears as he recalled some of his struggling days. He shared how Suniel Shetty aka Bollywood’s “Anna” gave him a T-shirt when he only had one. He said, “When I had no money, actor Suniel Shetty had a shop called Mischief and I was eyeing a pair of stone wash jeans, shoes and a purse. I knew I couldn’t afford it because I did was.” I don’t have money. But Anna saw my eyes and decided to gift me what I wanted.” He also talked about Ramesh Taurani and said “I didn’t have any films for 6 months. Then a god-like man came into my life – Ramesh Taurani. At that time my father had made a fake declaration from JP Sippy by paying 2000. In a film magazine Rs. I didn’t have any movies. Ramesh Taurani went to Sippy’s office and he gave him Rs 5 lakh for the music at that time and that’s how I got the film Patthar Ke Phool.”