BJP Leader Gets Notice From Party For Abusing Muslim MP In Parliament

Ramesh Bidhuri Gets Notice From BJ Party For Abusing Muslim MP
Ramesh Bidhuri Gets Notice From BJ Party For Abusing Muslim MP

Officials said Om Birla was concerned about the offensive language Ramesh Bidhuri used against Muslim MP Danish Ali (BSP) and warned him of “strict action” if he repeated it.

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Parliament speaker Om Birla has threatened Ramesh Bidhuri with “severe action” following his egregious communal remarks in parliament. The records have been expunged of his comments.

An angry backlash prompted the BJP to send its MP a show-cause notice. He has 15 days to explain his unparliamentary language.

Ramesh Bidhuri was reportedly warned by the Speaker of “strict action” if he repeated his offensive remarks about Muslim MP Danish Ali (BSP) during a discussion on Chandrayaan.

Danish Ali is repeatedly abused and called Islamophobic slurs by Mr Bidhuri in a video from Lok Sabha.

Danish Ali urged the Speaker to refer the incident to the privileges committee, saying that the incident occurred in a new Parliament building under your leadership. Mr Ali told NDTV today he was unable to sleep all night and felt his brain was about to explode.

The Defence Minister expressed regret in the House shortly after opposition leaders attacked the BJP MP and demanded action against him. “I apologize if the remarks made by the member hurt the opposition,” he said.

Mr Bidhuri’s apology didn’t silence the opposition, which demanded his suspension or arrest.

Rajnath Singh’s apology is unacceptable and half-hearted. It is an absolute shame. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh demanded “strictest possible action” against the BJP leader, saying the Bidhuri statement was an insult to parliament, a clear case of suspension.

Asked why no action was taken for BJP MP who said far worse than Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury in the previous session, the Congress pointed out that Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury had been suspended for allegedly “insulting ministers”.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) posted the video asking: “Is this the culture of the BJP?” The party called it the darkest day in parliament’s history.

Manoj Jha, MP for the RJD, said he was saddened by the BJP MP’s communal slur.

I was saddened, but not surprised. It is the truth of PM’s Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. We need to question what kind of language against Muslims, Dalits are given legitimacy if such words were used for an MP in Parliament. Until now, the PM has not said a word about Ramesh Bidhuri,” Mr Jha added.

In a statement, the CPI (M) demanded that BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri be arrested for filthy abusive language he used against Danish Ali (BSP).

Taking issue with the abusive words used by Mr Bidhuri, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah wrote: “How easily expletives are uttered by this hateful “Hon” MP!” Hate against Muslims is on the rise like never before. How can Muslims who identify with the BJP coexist with such abject hatred?”

Abdullah told reporters: “We are used to being called terrorists. But he went after all Muslims. It just shows how they think. New parliament, but old mindset.”

In response to being “dragged” into the controversy, Harsh Vardhan, who glowed as Mr Bidhuri verbally abused Danish Ali, protested.

The BJP leader said: “I may have witnessed the juggling of words (which in fact the entire House did), but I was unable to hear clearly what was being said in the chaos that existed.”

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