Raju Srivastavas Most Popular Characters And Acts: Gajodhar (गजोधर), Indian Marriages And More

Gajodhar (गजोधर)
Gajodhar (गजोधर)

Gajodhar (गजोधर): Raju Srivastava, one of India’s most famous stand-up comedian, passed away at the age of 58. He suffered a sudden heart attack on 10 August and was sent to AIIMS Delhi as a result. The actor was put on life support and immediately taken to the Intensive Care Unit. He had lost consciousness for more than a month and his condition was deteriorating despite the efforts of the doctors. According to doctors, he experienced brain damage due to a heart attack.

The actor-comedian has had thousands of live performances around the world including the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Fiji, Dubai, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

As far as the well-known comedian is concerned, who has mesmerized the entire nation with his acting and witty characters, we present a glimpse of some of the best characters he has used in his stand-up.

Gajodhar Bhaiya – गजोधर भैया

Gajodhar Bhaiya was a character developed by Raju, who was a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and after seeing him decided to take up acting as a career.

He often used Gajodhar in his performances, and as a result, Gajodhar eventually developed a reputation.

It was clear from the expressions that this was a made-up person who resembled any typical indigenous person of Uttar Pradesh. Most of the time, Gajodhar spoke in the “Awadhi” dialect and reacted in a funny and humorous manner to everything around him.

Gajodhar was so followed that the audience gave this nickname to Raju Srivastava.

संकठा, बैजनाथ, और पुत्तन

Raju Srivastava always drew inspiration for his characters from the people around him. With names like Gajodhar, Sankat, Baijnath and Puttan, a smile comes on the face of the beholder.

One such act was when Gajodhar went to a cinema hall with all his friends, Sankat, Baijnath and Puttan. They became very popular, especially among the North Indian expatriate population of Mumbai.

A major part of Raju’s comedy has been centred around the railway station. ” ऐ यादव, संकठा, गजोधर, बिरजू, ई ट्रेनवा अपना छूटा या बाजू वाला” (Hey Yadav, Sankatha, Gajodhar, Birju-has our train started or the one standing next to us?) It became so popular that most railway station memes are still based on it today. Short videos are being made with Raju’s voice.

Indian marriages and Unhappy ‘Jijaji’ and ‘Fufaji’ (brother-in-law and uncle) in it

The bride and groom are not just the subject of weddings. Whether they like it or not, sometimes visitors steal the show by becoming the subject of gossip for their actions. Raju Srivastava’s humorous interpretations of odd Indian marriages have bolstered this idea.

Raju jokingly said how people are afraid to eat at weddings when the cameraman starts paying attention to the visitors coming to the buffet. He had highlighted how brother-in-law and uncle were constantly grumbling about the services and accommodation provided during weddings.

शादी में सबसे खराब हालत तब होती है जब लाइटिंग में लाखो रुपय खरचा किया है लेकिन जेनरेटर नहीं मंगाया है। (The worst situation in marriage occurs when lakhs of rupees have been spent on lighting but the generator has not been ordered.) Click to Watch Video