Passenger Killed After Iron Rod Cuts Through Window, Pierces His Neck On Delhi-Kanpur Train

Neelanchal Express
Neelanchal Express

Neelanchal Express has been involved in a shocking accident in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Sabbal lying on the track broke the window of the train, entered the passenger’s neck, and tore his head off. On the spot, the passenger died. The train was traveling at 110 km/h during the incident. The incident occurred between Dabur and Somna stations.

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The compartment was filled with hue and cry after the accident. There was a lot of running going on. There was no understanding of what happened last time. The compartment’s floor turned red with blood in no time. Other passengers pulled the chain to stop the train. The GRP and RPF were contacted. A postmortem was performed on the body after it was removed from the train.

Harikesh Kumar Dubey is the name of the passenger who died in the accident, according to the Railways. Sultanpur’s Gopinathpur village was his home. To go home, I left Delhi on Thursday for Sultanpur. As the train approached Somna in Aligarh, the incident occurred. Harikesh worked for a mobile tower company in Delhi. In the general coach of the train, he sat by the window.

The woman sitting nearby on Neelanchal Express narrowly escaped

A woman sitting next to Harikesh narrowly escaped this horrific accident. She sat on her seat. After touching his neck, Sariya left. During interrogation, the woman told the railway staff that the train was traveling at a very fast speed. In the blink of an eye, this accident occurred. In the loud sound of the train, perhaps even his scream was not heard. After a few seconds, he realized the rod had hit his head. The seat was bleeding. My fellow passengers and I screamed when we saw this. In the coach, there was a stampede. By stopping the train, the incident was reported to the police in a hurry.

Rod was lying on the track

Railway officials have yet to explain how this shocking accident occurred. The rod was lying on the track itself, according to reports. As soon as the train wheel fell on him, he jumped. Speed was so high that it broke the window and entered the passenger’s neck, tearing his head open. The rod then ripped the sheet behind the passenger as well.

GRP informed the relatives

Harikesh was going home to Sultanpur when he died. On the basis of the ID card found with him, GRP contacted the company. Then he took the family’s number and informed them. In the house, the news of the son’s death created uproar.

Culpable homicide trial

Himanshu Shekhar Upadhyay, CPRO of North Central Railway, said the GRP and RPF have started investigating the incident. In addition to sending the dead body for postmortem, legal action is also being taken.

GRP Inspector Subodh Yadav said that a case has been filed against the unknown under section 304 of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. Laborers working on the track, whose negligence caused the accident, are being searched.

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