“Over In Minutes”: Danish Ali On Mahua Moitra Report, Committee Head Says…

Over In Minutes Danish Ali On Mahua Moitra Report
Over In Minutes Danish Ali On Mahua Moitra Report

BJP MP Vinod Kumar Sonkar, chairman of the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee, said protocol was followed, but “some people wanted to obstruct the investigation” into corruption allegations against Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra.

The Bahujan Samaj Party’s Danish Ali, a member of the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee, expressed concern over what he called “procedural errors” in the entire process after the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee voted 6:4 to expel Trinamool MP Mahua Moitra from Parliament.

A BJP MP, Vinod Kumar Sonkar, responded promptly, telling news agency ANI that the investigation had been conducted according to protocol, but “some people wanted to obstruct it”.

According to Ali, the BJP’s Ramesh Bidhuri used communal slurs during the hearing’s first day to attack the 500-page report.

There was a 15-minute delay in the chairman’s arrival, and the meeting was over in 2.5 minutes. We have raised questions about procedure since Day 1.

“Such an extensive report, but no discussion. A clearly upset Mr Ali told ANI what was not included in the report (details from the first meeting of the committee, during which Ms Moitra and her accusers gave statements) – the two hours during which opposition members asked questions.

During a quick vote, Mr Sonkar, the chairman of the committee, left, according to Mr Ali.

Danish Ali, who attempted to obstruct, submitted his dissent note. There were some people who wanted to obstruct the probe, but the majority adopted the report.”

There were six votes in favor of the report, including one from suspended Congress MP Preneet Kaur (the wife of former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh). According to sources, an unfair inquiry was the most common complaint in dissent notes submitted by those opposed.

A “free-and-fair inquiry in all respects” should have been conducted by summoning Darshan Hiranandani, the businessman accused of bribing Ms Moitra.

Furthermore, Mr Ali attacked certain committee members (who he didn’t name) in the context of claims Ms Moitra was asked “filthy questions” while her statement was being recorded.

Mahua Moitra had been repeatedly asked personal questions by Mr Sonkar, the opposition MPs alleged.

Ms Moitra, the BJP leader said, had not cooperated with the investigation.

During the investigation, Mahua Moitra failed to cooperate with the committee and to cooperate with the investigation. Opposition members also made allegations in anger and walked out, using objectionable words against me,” he said.

A comparison was also made between the swiftness with which action was taken in this case and the apparent stagnation in a hearing before the Privilege Committee against Mr Bidhuri, the BJP leader who used slurs against his character.

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