On Rahul Gandhi’s Call For Army In Manipur, Himanta Biswa Sarma’s Retort

On Rahul Gandhi's Call For Army In Manipur
On Rahul Gandhi's Call For Army In Manipur

Manipur violence: On Friday, Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister should not joke around in the legislature while the country has been “on fire” for the previous four months.

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Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, stated on Friday that the Indian Army “won’t be able to solve anything” in Manipur and that “from the heart and not bullets” should be used to end the ethnic unrest, which has now persisted for more than 100 days.

Mr. Sarma questioned whether Congressman Rahul Gandhi was directing the Army to shoot at civilians after he said the Army could “stop the nonsense” in the conflict-torn northeastern state in two days. In order to express his disapproval of the Wayanad MP’s remark, the Chief Minister, the BJP’s top troubleshooter in the area, also echoed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reference to the Mizoram bombing (the 1966 bombing of Indian citizens by air force planes in Mizoram).

In Aizawl, the Indian Air Force spread bombs, which caused violence to break out. Rahul Gandhi is advocating for the Indian Army to stop the violence right now. What does that imply? Should they start shooting at civilians? Does he have a prescription? How is that even possible? Nothing can be solved by the army.

They will only be able to temporarily quiet the situation or restore peace. But the answer must come from the heart, not from shooting people,” he told reporters in Guwahati last night.

Himanta Biswa Sarma added that the opposition’s actions of first demanding that the PM address the matter before leaving the chamber during PM Modi’s more than two-hour speech in the Lok Sabha “completely exposed their designs.”

“The opposition wanted to disrupt the parliament, not work with Manipur in any way. They desired to make a scene inside the legislature. However, he continued, “That was done for their vested political interest, not out of love for Manipur.

Supporting the PM, who spent about 10 minutes of his 2 hours, 20 minute speech talking about Manipur, Mr. Sarma claimed that PM Modi had spoken from the heart and on behalf of the northeast. He also showed how much he cares for the people of the northeast. While we are extremely happy, the opposition will not be.

I’m hoping that the opposition, which is the major party, will listen to the PM’s speech until the very end,” he said. On Friday, Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister should not joke around in the legislature while the country has been “on fire” for the previous four months.

At a press conference held at the Congress headquarters in Delhi, Mr. Gandhi claimed that the Prime Minister “wants Manipur to burn and allows it to burn” and claimed that if the government wanted to stop the violence, it has the power to do so right away.

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