Old Video Of Python Trap Using Live Chicken As Bait Goes Viral Again, Leaves Internet Stunned

Python Trap
Python Trap

Python Trap: An old video of a live chicken being used as bait to trap a large python is going viral once again on social media. The short video, which first surfaced online in 2018, was shared on Twitter on Wednesday by a user named Audley Terrifying, with the caption, “Python Trap Using Live Chicken”.

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The video shows a giant python sneaking up to the hen and trying to attack it. However, he gets trapped in a pipe and struggles to get out.

Watch the video below:

The video opens to show the entire setup of the trap. A few seconds later, a python tries to scuttle its way to a chicken. At first, the giant snake tries to go through the other opening but after realizing that there is no other way, it enters through what looks like a blue cylindrical tube of plastic.

However, this direct route to reach the chicken turns out to be very risky for the python as it immediately traps the snake, after which it has to struggle to get out.

Since being shared, the video has taken the internet by storm. It has received over five million views on Twitter and over 133,000 likes. Internet users shared their views on the trap in the comments section. While some found the trap “cruel”, others pointed out that the giant python was capable of harming humans, so displacing it was a better option.

One user wrote, “Whoever complains about it being ferocious needs to realize that this python can easily take out animals or even a person’s entire farm. How to get rid of the snake? better for.” “Nothing terrible” just cruelty,” said another.

A third commented, “I can’t believe such creatures exist.” “Not sure whether to be amazed, the enormous tensile strength of those little stakes to hold a dragon that big or zero fearful, super cool chicken, wow!” Fourth pair.

The location at which this video was shot is not known.

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