Not Afraid Of Narendra Modi: Rahul Gandhi on EDs Action

Not Afraid Of Narendra Modi
Not Afraid Of Narendra Modi

Not Afraid Of Narendra Modi: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi today accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of what he claimed was a coercive tactic by using central agencies to silence him and other opposition voices.

Mr Gandhi was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in June in a money laundering case for nearly 50 hours over five days. His mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi was also questioned by the central agency in connection with the alleged money laundering involving the National Herald newspaper.

“If you are talking about National Herald, then the whole matter is of intimidation. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah think that with a little pressure we will be silent. But we will not. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah whatever Against democracy, we Congress MPs get ready for a meeting to discuss their strategy after the office of Young Indian in Delhi was sealed by the Enforcement Directorate over a case related to the National Herald.

Asked by journalists about the BJP’s threat that he would be left with “no place to run”, Mr Gandhi replied, “Who is running the talk of running? They are the ones who talk about running. We will not. We are scared. We are not afraid of Narendra Modi, do whatever you want, no matter what. I will continue to do my job which is to protect democracy, maintain harmony in the country.”

In June and July, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi were apparently asked hundreds of questions by the Enforcement Directorate over their involvement with the National Herald newspaper and Young Indian Pvt Ltd.

The National Herald case involves Young Indian’s dealings with Associated Journals Limited, or AJL, the company that runs the National Herald newspaper, and subsequent deals. In a complaint in the Delhi High Court, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had accused Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and others of conspiring to misappropriate funds.

The BJP had also hit back at the massive protests by Congress workers and leaders while Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were being questioned. The BJP had said that the Congress is protesting not to save democracy, but to save Rahul Gandhi’s assets worth Rs 2,000 crore.

Union Minister Smriti Irani said during her interrogation on June 13, “Congress leaders have openly come out on the streets to put pressure on the investigating agency as their corruption has been exposed.” “But no one is above the law, not even Rahul Gandhi,” she had said.

Ms Irani alleged that the ownership of the company was transferred to a family so that it did not publish a newspaper but became a real estate business.

He had asked whether those who had donated to the Congress so that it could participate in democratic activities, intended to move to a company owned by the Gandhi family.


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