No One Asked Me of 2 Crores for Tweet: Mohammed Zubair

2 Crores for Tweet Mohammed Zubair
2 Crores for Tweet Mohammed Zubair

We cannot say he will not tweet again: Supreme Court

2 Crores for Tweet Mohammed Zubair: The Supreme Court on July 20 granted bail to Alt News co-founder Mohammad Zubair in all the cases registered in various police stations of Uttar Pradesh.

The court also directed clubbing of all the FIRs registered with the Delhi Police and the UP Police, saying that they have crimes of cognate nature. The court said the investigation would be handled by an investigating authority.

During the hearing of the case related to several FIRs registered against Zubair, advocate Vrinda Grover said that Zubair has got bail in a case related to the FIR registered by the Delhi Police.

2 Crores for Tweet Mohammed Zubair

In that case, the Patiala House Court had granted bail to Zubair. Describing him as a journalist and fact-checker, Grover alleged that his client was being harassed by the system.

He will be held accountable as per law.” Before muting the mike, Justice Chandrachud was heard saying, “We can’t say he won’t retweet.” If the person posts it, he will be responsible.

Two days after his release from Tihar Jail, fact checker Mohammad Zubair said that he would continue to work as before. Mr Zubair was arrested by the Delhi Police on June 27 for hurting religious sentiments through his tweets.

Zubair said, “I will do my work as I used to, as no restriction has been imposed by the honorable court (Supreme Court).”

On the allegation that he received ₹2 crore for his tweets, Mr. Zubair said that no inquiry asked him about it. “I came to know about this allegation only after my release. No investigating agency asked me about it,” he said.

While ordering his release yesterday, the Supreme Court had said, “It is a laid down principle of law that the power of arrest should be exercised with restraint.

In the present case, he has to be kept in continuous custody and endless rounds of proceedings in various there is no justification for subjugating the courts.”

The court dissolved the special investigation in UP against Mohammad Zubair and transferred all the cases in UP to Delhi.

The judges also rejected the Uttar Pradesh government’s request that Mohammad Zubair be “barred from tweeting”.

2 Crores for Tweet Mohammed Zubair