Nitish Kumar’s Reply To D Fadnavis’s Wife’s “Two Fathers Of Nation” Remark

Two Fathers Of Nation
Two Fathers Of Nation

Nitish Kumar on Saturday threw a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi by referring to Amruta Fadnavis’ remark about ‘Father of the Nation of New India’.

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On December 21, Amruta Fadnavis, wife of Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, called PM Modi the ‘Father of the Nation’.

Kumar took a potshot at the remark, saying, “They had nothing to do with the independence struggle.” RSS didn’t contribute to the fight for Independence…we read about the remark ‘New father of the nation’…what has the ‘new father’ of ‘new India’ done for the nation?”

Amruta Fadnavis had said earlier, “India has two fathers of the nation. One was for the old India, and one is for a new India. Mahatma Gandhi is the ‘Father of the Nation’ of India, while Narendra Modi is the ‘Father of the Nation’ of the new India.”

Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole retorted that Mahatma Gandhi can’t be compared with anyone and poked fun at the BJP’s “new India.”

The father of the nation cannot be compared to anyone else. The BJP’s ‘new India’ is just about making a few friends rich while the rest of the country is downtrodden and hungry. We don’t need this ‘new India’.” Patole said.

Patole said, “I congratulate them for making Modi ji the ‘Father of the Nation’ just for a few rich businessmen.”

Pramod Tiwari also blasted the wife of the state’s deputy chief minister for her remarks.

Tiwari said, “There can be two fathers in BJP, but not in the country. There’ll be just one Father of Nation.”

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