“Netanyahu Responsible For Hamas Capability Buildup”

Benjamin Netanyahu is directly and personally responsible for building up Hamas capabilities, and 80 percent of the people want him out, according to former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

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Earlier today, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke against the escalation of the war against Hamas and stressed the importance of limiting collateral damage in the Gaza strip before the ground assault begins. A series of talks between world leaders have been sparked by the invasion, including the United Nations. A diplomatic solution, however, is unlikely due to US President Joe Biden’s remarks about Israel’s right to retaliate.

Mr Olmert told NDTV in an exclusive interview: “I don’t think a diplomatic compromise is intended with Hamas.” “Our goal should be to minimize collateral damage. This is not a competition over who can kill the most civilians” he added.

Nevertheless, he also reiterated Israel’s position since the October 8 Hamas attack, saying, “We want peace, but there will be no peace as long as Hamas is there. Innocent people have died, but Hamas won’t let them go.”.

In order to achieve peace, we must make a concerted effort to remove Hamas from its position. However, there can never be peace if Hamas remains in place.

In addition, Mr. Olmert blamed the attacks on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In 2006, the leader, who started his political career with the ruling Likud party but shifted to Kadima in 2006, a moderate party led by former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said, “Netanyahu is responsible for the rise of Hamas capabilities… Netanyahu is personally and directly responsible for dealing with Hamas… and 80 per cent of the people want him out.”

Israeli settlements should be removed from Palestinian territory as part of a disengagement plan backed by Kadima, which would fix Israel’s borders with a future Palestinian state while removing Israeli settlements.

As a result of the policies of the Prime Minister, Mr Olmert said, moderate Palestinians were downgraded, leading to the rise of Hamas. He explained that Hamas was safe since they weren’t candidates for negotiations, so he (Mr Netanyahu) wouldn’t have to make concessions for them.

In exchange for a single Israeli soldier, Netanyahu gave up “1,000 murderers of Hamas”, he added.

In response to a question about why he was confident Mr Netanyahu would have to resign despite the presence of a unity government, Mr Olmert responded that it was not a truly unity government. For a short time and for one purpose only, two distinguished Israelis — former chiefs of staff — have joined the Israeli army to fight Hamas.

Together with other political forces, they will do whatever it takes to remove Netanyahu, adding that they are not Netanyahu’s partners.

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