Murder of Dalit daughters in Lakhimpur: Postmortem report confirms gangrape, first strangled to death; dead body hanging from tree

Murder of Dalit daughters in Lakhimpur
Murder of Dalit daughters in Lakhimpur

Murder of Dalit daughters in Lakhimpur: The bodies of two minor girls were found hanging from a tree in Lakhimpur at around 6 pm on Wednesday. One was a student of 7th and the other 10th. The mother alleged that some boys kidnapped the daughters on a bike, then murdered after rape.

When the police arrived for investigation, he had to face the anger of the people. On this, when SP Sanjeev Suman reached there, the villagers clashed with him too. The situation became such that the UP government sent IG Laxmi Singh to Lakhimpur overnight, who stayed overnight in the village.

After about 15 hours on Thursday morning, SP Sanjeev Suman appeared in front of the media. He said that this press conference is on short notice. Said – In this incident in Nighasan, the girls were not taken forcibly. The accused took them by luring them. Raped and when the girls were adamant on the matter of marriage, they committed murder.

Biggest Updates of Double Murder of Dalit daughters in Lakhimpur

In the presence of the family, the panel of doctors conducted the post-mortem of the bodies of the girls. Videography was done. Heavy police force was deployed in front of the post-mortem house. The bodies of the girls have now reached the village for the last rites.

The short post-mortem report has confirmed gang rape. First both the sisters were killed by strangulation, then the dead body was hanged on the noose.

UP government said- strictest action will be taken against the culprits. There is an appeal to the opposition not to do politics.

Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak said – Such punishment will be given that the souls of the coming generations of the accused will tremble.

3 statements and three aspects… understand the whole incident

1. Today’s statement of the police – the girls and the accused were already identified

SP Sanjeev Suman said, “Tahrir was taken from the family. The family made a named complaint against Chhotu. He is a resident of the neighborhood of the victim’s village. Named 3 unknown people. After investigation, 3 names came out. These three people Junaid, Suhail and Hafeezur Rehman.

There was friendship between these people. Suhail and Hafizur Rahman were arrested in the night. Junaid has been arrested a while back. Junaid is shot in the leg. Chhotu introduced the girls to 3 youths Suhail, Hafizur Rahman and Junaid.

On Wednesday afternoon, all three had come to the village by bike. The girls were taken away. First taken to the farm. There, they made physical relations against their wishes. Chotu was not present there at this time.

During interrogation, the accused told that when the girls were adamant on the matter of marriage, they strangled the girls to death in anger. Murdered with sardine and dupatta and hung the dead body on the trees. These people called two more boys and called them. Their names are Karimuddin alias DD, Arif. All these boys are residents of Lalpur.

2. Yesterday’s statement of the mother of the deceased – was beaten up after complaining to the police

Mother had told- “It was 4 o’clock in the evening on Wednesday. Both my daughters were sitting outside the house. I was also washing dishes on the tap outside. Suddenly two youths came on the bike and forced my two daughters to sit on the bike. I tried to stop them. Then the bike rider kicked me in the stomach.

He fled with the daughters on the same bike. When I shouted, many people of the village chased the bike riders. But, they did not get caught. Searched for a long time. Later, the bodies of both the daughters were found hanging from a tree in a sugarcane field, about one and a half kilometers from the village. After raping, killing my daughters and hanging the dead body.

3. Father’s statement yesterday – kidnapped and murdered by the boy of the village

The father had said on Wednesday- “When I reached home, no one was found there. When I asked the people around, I came to know about the incident. I also ran to the side, where everyone had gone. There my daughter’s dead body was there. Were hanging on a tree. A boy from the village kidnapped and killed my daughters.”

6 accused arrested, read what everyone’s role…was

Chotu: This is the neighbor of the deceased girls. It was he who called three boys yesterday afternoon, including Junaid, Suhail and Hafizur Rehman. Their friendship was made by both the girls to Chotu.

Junaid and Suhail: Both of them are residents of the adjoining village Lalganj. Both of them raped the girls.

Hafizur Rahman: This too was a resident of Junaid’s village. It was with these accused. This too was arrested last night itself along with Chhotu and Suhail.

Karimuddin aka DD and Arif: Both of them are companions of Suhail and Junaid. After the rape, both of them along with Hafizur Rahman had strangled them to death. Together they hung the girls on a tree with the help of a dupatta.

UP Teen Dalit Sisters Raped, Strangled, Then Hung From Tree

2 Minor Girls, Sisters, Found Hanging From Tree In UP’s Lakhimpur