Murali Vijay’s tsunami in TNPL T20, hit ‘100 runs’ by raining fours and sixes in 19 balls

Murali Vijay TNPL
Murali Vijay TNPL

Murali Vijay TNPL: Murali Vijay has rocked the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL 2022). In the 19th match of TNPL, Murali again sparked his batting and played a stormy innings of 121 runs in 66 balls.

Murali hit 12 sixes in his innings and also won the hearts of the fans by hitting 7 fours. Murali’s innings once again reminded the fans of their old days.

Vijay played this stormy innings against Nellai Royal Kings. Batting first in the match, Nellai Royal Kings scored 236 for 2, after which Murali played a blistering innings while playing for the Rubby Warriors team.

Although his innings could not win the team but fans watching the Tamil Nadu Premier League. There was no limit to happiness.

In this match, Rabi Warriors lost the match by 66 runs but Murali Vijay’s innings was successful in grabbing headlines. Let us tell you that for Nellai Royal Kings, Sanjay Yadav scored 103 runs in 55 balls in which he hit 9 sixes and 6 fours in the innings.

Apart from this, Baba Aparajit also scored 103 runs in 55 balls while batting in a stormy style. On the basis of both the innings, team Nellai Royal scored 236 runs for 2 wickets in 20 overs.


On the other hand, Murali Vijay’s team could only score 170 runs for 7 wickets in 20 overs. Vijay was the only batsman in the match who scored 121 runs in 66 balls and kept the Rabi Warriors team in the match.

Murali Vijay TNPL

As soon as he got out, the opposing team overturned the match.

Murali Vijay showed strong form, 12 sixes and 7 fours,

Murali Vijay completed his century in 57 balls during his innings. And then he scored 121 runs in his innings.

Just 100 runs from the boundary

Murali Vijay TNPL

Murali Vijay hit 12 sixes and 7 fours in his innings. That is, it rained fours and sixes on his bat on 19 balls, that is, he scored 100 runs in 19 balls with the help of only fours and sixes.

This fiery look of Murali Vijay certainly brought a tsunami on social media. Let us tell you that Murali Vijay was away from competitive cricket for 2 years.

But this time he made a comeback in the Tamil Nadu Premier League and managed to make a splash with his batting.


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