Mia Khalifa’s “Disgusting” Post On Israel Attacks Costs Her Heavily

Mia Khalifa's
Mia Khalifa's "Disgusting" Post On Israel Attacks Costs Her Heavily

With her comments regarding the ongoing Israel-Gaza war on X, formerly Twitter, former adult film actress Mia Khalifa has stirred up controversy.

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“I would appreciate it if someone would tell the Palestinian freedom fighters to flip their phones horizontally and film horizontally,” Khalifa tweeted on Saturday, October 7.

People on social media weren’t happy with Khalifa’s post. Todd Shapiro, a Canadian broadcaster and radio host, fired her for her behavior.

Mia Khalifa, with whom Shapiro was finalizing a deal, announced her termination immediately.

The tweet you sent is so horrible, Mia Khalifa. Take immediate action to terminate your employment. I am disgusted. Disgusting to the core. Evolution is the key to becoming a better human being. It is truly disgusting that you condone death, rape, beatings, and hostage-taking. It is impossible to explain your ignorance with words. In the face of tragedy, humans must come together. Becoming a better person is my prayer for you. Mr Shapiro wrote on X, “It seems that it is too late for you.”.

According to Khalifa, supporting Palestine has cost her business opportunities, but she is more angry at herself for not confirming whether or not she was doing business with Jews. I’m sorry.”

Her controversial and seemingly “horrendous tweet” was clarified in a post, where she wrote, “I just want to make it clear that this statement in no way shape or form entices violence. I specifically used the term freedom fighters, since Palestinian citizens are literally fighting for their freedom every day.”

Following up on his tweet, Khalifa said, “I just wanna make sure there’s 4K footage of my people breaking down the walls of the open-air prison they’ve been forced into so history books can tell the story of how they liberated themselves from apartheid.” After that, she indirectly addressed Shapiro, saying, “Please be worried about the lack of direction and purpose in your sad little company before you utter my name again. I stand with all oppressed people, now and always. Do your research before investing in your project. I am from LEBANON, are you crazy thinking I would support colonialism you crazy idiot?.”

There have been nearly 1,600 deaths in Hamas’ strike on Israel and its brutal counterattack.

Hamas has been warned sternly by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In spite of the fact that Israel did not initiate this war, the country will end it. It is a war we didn’t want, one that has been forced on us in the most brutal and savage manner.

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