Israel Steps Up Bombing After Gaza Receives Aid, Attacks West Bank Mosque

Israel Steps Up Bombing After Gaza Receives Aid
Israel Steps Up Bombing After Gaza Receives Aid

According to UN agencies, the humanitarian situation in Gaza is “catastrophic” because of Israeli strikes against Hamas-controlled territory, ahead of a planned ground invasion.

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On Saturday, 20 trucks were permitted to cross into the Palestinian enclave from Egypt, but given the needs of its 2.4 million citizens, it is considered a “drop in the ocean.” 

As a response to Hamas’s murderous October 7 attack, Israel’s military has fired relentless strikes into Gaza, killing at least 1,400 people, mostly civilians who were shot, mutilated or burned to death.

According to Hamas’ health ministry, more than 4,300 Palestinians, mostly civilians, have been killed and swathes of the heavily populated territory have been reduced to ruins.

Over 40 percent of all housing has been damaged or destroyed, according to the UN citing local authorities, and Israel has halted the delivery of food, water, fuel and electricity

In order to minimize the risks to its troops, Israel will now intensify its bombardment, according to spokesman Admiral Daniel Hagari.

The number of strikes has been increased from today, and the danger has been minimized.

“We will increase the attacks, so Gaza City residents are urged to move south to ensure their safety.”

The UN says more than half of Gaza’s population has now been internally displaced, after Israel warned more than one million residents to move south for their safety.

Overnight, Hamas authorities reported nine dead in a strike on Khan Younis, which was bombed in southern parts of the Strip.

Gaza City in the north is believed to have hundreds of thousands of civilians who are unwilling or unable to leave.

The Qatari government is negotiating the release of hostages

Commanding officers visited frontline units to rally troops on Saturday on the Israeli border with Gaza.

During a visit to an infantry brigade, chief of staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi said, “We will enter Gaza.”

There is a lot of preparation going on in Gaza by the enemy — but we are also preparing for them,” Halevi said.

Hamas tunnels and booby traps are likely to pose myriad challenges for Israeli soldiers if they are invaded on the ground.

Another complicating factor is the security of the over 200 hostages abducted by Hamas on October 7 and held in Gaza.

The release of two Americans came after mediation from Qatar, which said more could be released within the next few days.

Majed Al-Ansari, Qatar’s foreign ministry spokesman, told the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper Saturday that the country is taking steps to release the hostages, especially civilians.

As part of the agreement, all civilian hostages will be released initially.

Twenty trucks carrying food and medicine, but no fuel, crossed from Egypt into Gaza on Saturday following negotiations and US pressure.

After the crossing closed, UN officials warned that much more needed to be done.

Several UN agencies said in a statement that Gaza was in a desperate humanitarian situation before the latest hostilities.

The situation has now reached a critical point. More needs to be done.”

‘We need to do something’

“This godawful nightmare must end,” Antonio Guterres said at a peace summit organized by Egypt.

Western officials demanded a condemnation statement of Hamas, while Arab attendees issued their own statement criticizing world leaders in a sign of international division.

Residents inside Gaza were shellshocked and unsure where to go or how to protect themselves.

Seeing the destruction in Gaza’s Al-Zahra neighborhood, Rami Abu Wazna said, “I never thought it could be possible.”

As a result of the bombing, basic systems are unable to function, and the UN reported on Saturday that around 40 unidentified bodies were buried in a mass grave in Gaza City due to a lack of cold storage.

As funeral preparations were underway for the 10 percent of the population killed by Hamas militants in Israel’s Kibbutz Beeri, funerals were underway across the border as well.

According to Romy Gold, 70, residents are still struggling to comprehend what happened to them.

“Families were being shot, butchered, and burnt alive all around us,” he told AFP.

According to him, “something must be done as soon as possible to invade Gaza.”

There needs to be some assurance that it will not happen in the future.

Now is a good time to leave

Israeli raids and settler attacks in the West Bank have killed dozens of Palestinians, raising fears of a wider conflict.

A group of Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants were planning new attacks in Jenin, Israel’s military said in an airstrike on a mosque.

The Palestinian news agency Wafa cited the local Red Crescent as saying that one person was killed in the strike and three others were injured.

The Israeli military has also traded strikes with militant group Hezbollah along its northern border with Lebanon.

Four Hezbollah fighters and a Palestinian Islamic Jihad member were killed in south Lebanon, Hezbollah said.

Three Israeli soldiers were injured, one seriously, in an anti-tank attack on the village of Baram by Hezbollah, and two Thai farm workers were also injured.

Although Western leaders have warned Hezbollah not to intervene in the conflict, its number two said the group was ready to become more involved.

As events unfold, Naim Qassem said that if anything arises that requires greater intervention from his side, he would do so.

Thousands of Israelis have fled northern communities, and some 4,000 Lebanonis have fled to Tyre in the south.

Mustafa al-Sayyid stood in a classroom without desks and dotted with thin mattresses. “They are all young. How will I get them all out at once?” he asked.

As a result, I decided it would be better to leave at this time.”

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