Israel Orders “Complete Siege” On Gaza, Cuts Off Food, Water

Israel Orders
Israel Orders "Complete Siege" On Gaza, Cuts Off Food, Water

The Israeli army said it has taken control of southern areas near Gaza Strip that had been taken over by Hamas two days ago after two days of rocket attacks.

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Daniel Hagari, a military spokesman, warned that Hamas troops might remain in the region, but insisted that “we are in control of the communities.”

Over 700 people have been killed in Israel over the past three days. Israeli air strikes on Gaza have raised the death toll there to 493, according to Palestinian officials.

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s defence minister, said the blockaded enclave would be completely sieged. There will be no electricity, food, water, or gas for the 2.3 million residents, he said.

Israeli ground troops are preparing to attack Gaza, targeting Hamas and freeing at least 100 hostages in the impoverished and crowded coastal territory.

As fighter jets roared above Gaza on Day 3 of the war, plumes of smoke engulfed the skies. Despite air raid sirens blaring and detonations, Hamas continued to fire rockets toward Jerusalem.

According to an Israeli Defense Forces statement, fighter jets, helicopters, aircraft, and artillery struck over 500 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets overnight.

He has vowed to turn Hamas sites “to rubble” if Gaza civilians don’t get away from Hamas sites.

Over 1,000 Hamas troops invaded nearby Jewish communities on Saturday after breaking through Gaza’s border fence. There, gunmen mowed down people or abducted them back into Gaza house by house.

A wheelchair-bound Holocaust survivor was among the hostages taken back to Gaza by Israeli forces. The attack has been compared to 9/11 by the shocked nation.

As a result of Hezbollah’s “solidarity” with Hamas, Israel risks a multi-front war.

US Confirms Death Of 9 Citizens In Attack On Israel By Hamas

The United States confirmed Monday that nine Americans were killed in Israel’s war with Hamas, with more unaccounted for amid fears they were captured.

Matthew Miller, a State Department spokesman, confirmed nine US citizens had died.

Our Israeli partners are working with us to determine the whereabouts of US citizens who are still unaccounted for.”

Over 700 people have been killed by Hamas’ unprecedented ground, air and sea attacks, and 560 have been killed by Israel’s devastating strikes on Gaza.

As Israel bombarded Palestinian targets in the enclave in response to Hamas’ surprise assault it has compared to 9/11 earlier today, it imposed a total siege on the Gaza Strip and cut off its water supply.

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