INDIA Alliance Remains, Akhilesh Yadav Tells IndiNews Amid Signs Of Strain

INDIA Alliance Remains, Akhilesh Yadav Tells IndiNews Amid Signs Of Strain
INDIA Alliance Remains, Akhilesh Yadav Tells IndiNews Amid Signs Of Strain

It is reported that the Congress refused to allow the Samajwadi Party to contest six seats in Madhya Pradesh’s election on November 17.

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Akhilesh Yadav told IndiNews Monday the Samajwadi Party is still part of INDIA’s opposition bloc, despite reports he might quit over seat-sharing for Madhya Pradesh.

Nevertheless, the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister did provide himself with an escape route by stating again that ‘PDA’ is the key (rather than India) to defeat the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (by targeting voters from backward classes (Pichde), Dalits and minorities (Alpasankhyaks).

According to him, the PDA represents a party’s strategy, whereas INDIA represents an alliance.

I have repeatedly said that while INDIA is present in our strategy, it is a PDA strategy.” Yadav said last week.

This year, the INDIA bloc was formed in order to unite and galvanize opposition to defeat the BJP in five final state elections this year, as well as, crucially, in 2024, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeks another term in the Lok Sabha.

In the November 17 Madhya Pradesh election, tensions between the Congress and the Samajwadi Party flared up again following reports that the former refused to give the latter six seats.

As a result, both parties have fielded candidates in 18 constituencies against each other.

Mr Yadav explained, “They assured us they would consider us for six seats. But when they announced candidates, there were none (from Samajwadi Party).

Kamal Nath, the former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, chimed, “Arre bhai chhodo Akhilesh Vakhilesh… (Leave this Akhilesh Vakhilesh).”

Further evidence of the deteriorating relationship between the two parties can be seen in the fact that both the Congress and Samajwadi Party have traded banners hailing their respective figureheads as future prime ministers.

Several days after a similar poster called Akhilesh Yadav India’s ‘future Prime Minister’, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s Lucknow office displayed a banner describing him as ‘2024 Prime Minister’.

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