India Aims For The Moon As Chandrayaan-3 Attempts Landing

India Aims For The Moon As Chandrayaan-3 Attempts Landing
India Aims For The Moon As Chandrayaan-3 Attempts Landing

As a result of a billion prayers, India is on its way to joining the elite club of moon landings for the second time. From this point onward, the Vikram lander will begin its downward journey.

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At 5.44 p.m., “20 minutes of terror” begin.   A number of subtle maneuvers will precede the touchdown at 6.04 pm. In order to achieve the tricky soft landing, the Vikram has cut off two of its four engines over the last 30 kilometers.  

Power descent has now begun. For the landing, the lander has turned from a horizontal position to a vertical position. There will be a lot of fine dust kicked up after a successful landing. Until the dust clears, Pragyan will not roll out.

Since the moon has a weaker gravitational field than earth, dust will not settle readily there.   A live broadcast of the event is being broadcast across the country. ISRO’s website, YouTube channel, and DD national are broadcasting live feeds. In anticipation of this historic moment, schools are open and space enthusiasts are planning parties.

The Indian prime minister is participating online in the BRICS summit in South Africa.   Luna-25, a Russian moon mission that crashed on Sunday during landing, has ratcheted up the suspense.

Chandrayaan-2 failed to land safely in the same area in 2019, which has craters and trenches. Following Russia, the United States, and China, India will be the fourth country to land a rover on the moon if it is successful. 

The Indian space agency ISRO is confident that the landing will go smoothly, as the scientists have incorporated all of Chandrayaan-2’s valuable lessons. 

A careful selection of the location has been made. It is expected that the area where water was found holds the key to lunar water ice, which could be a hugely valuable resource. NASA’s Chandrayaan-1 probe detected water on the moon’s surface in 2009 using a NASA instrument.

The presence of water holds hope for future moon missions – it could be used as a source of drinking water, to cool equipment and broken down to produce oxygen. Ocean origins can also be revealed by it.

A LVM 3 heavy-lift launch vehicle launched the moon lander on July 14. August 5 was the date it was placed in lunar orbit. Vikram is named after Vikram Sarabhai, who is widely regarded as the father of Indian space exploration.

Isro has several projects lined up after the moon mission, including a mission to study the Sun, and a human space flight programme called Gaganyaan. In the first week of September, Aditya-L1, India’s first space-based observatory to study the Sun, will be launched.

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