Imran Tahir Celebrates Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Siu’ Style Celebration, VIDEO Viral

Imran Tahir Ronaldo Siu
Imran Tahir Ronaldo Siu

Imran Tahir Ronaldo Siu\ South African leg-spinner Imran Tahir may be 43 years old, but he has shown in the current ‘The Hundred 2022’ that age is just a number. He copied football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature celebration step ‘Siu’ in a match of this tournament.

Imran did his celebration before the race and then celebrated the wicket in the style of Ronaldo. Tahir celebrated this after taking the prized wicket of England middle-order batsman David Malan during the match between Birmingham Phoenix and Trent Rockets.

‘Siu’ is Ronaldo’s trademark celebration. He celebrates this way after scoring a goal for Manchester United during international matches against Portugal as well as in Premier League and UEFA Champions League games. This celebration has been copied by many other players around the world.

Imran Tahir celebrates in ‘CR7’ style after taking a wicket

Birmingham Phoenix captain Moeen Ali won the toss and elected to bowl in the match played at Edgbaston on Monday, 15 August. David Malan, who opened the innings for Trent Rockets, opened the batting after the dismissal of his batting partner Alex Hales.

However, this did not happen, as he returned to the pavilion after scoring just nine runs. Malan could not understand Imran Tahir’s overpitch delivery. Malan fails to understand Tahir’s bowled googly and tries a big shot on the leg side.

Imran Tahir Ronaldo Siu

Unfortunately, the ball did not go well for him, resulting in a simple catch by Henry Brooks at mid-off. An excited Tahir knew no bounds for happiness as he got the wicket. For a change, Imran Tahir first stamped his signature and then celebrated Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Siu’ celebration. The video has been posted by ‘The Hundred’ on its official Twitter handle.


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