Impasse Over Manipur In Parliament, But Centre Has A Plan

Impasse Over Manipur In Parliament, But Centre Has A Plan
Impasse Over Manipur In Parliament, But Centre Has A Plan

Manipur’s logjam in parliament will likely be the backdrop for the government’s legislative push. The government does not expect the opposition to back down from its demand that Narendra Modi speak in parliament about Manipur. As for the government, it is firm in its refusal, assuming that the opposition’s demand is driven by electoral considerations.

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According to sources, the government will now insist on settling its legislative work. A bill will be passed despite uproar, sources said.

This morning, Prime Minister Modi presided over a BJP parliamentary meeting.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, told the Lok Sabha yesterday that the government is ready to discuss Manipur. Sources said the government is clear that only the Home Minister will speak on the Manipur situation.

According to sources, the government has already tried to resolve the issue through discussion. Rajnath Singh spoke with top opposition leaders by phone. As the opposition refused to budge, government officials held a flurry of meetings.

PM Modi has met with several senior ministers. Sources said that Mr Shah and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi met with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla and decided on the current approach.

During the monsoon session, the government will take up 31 bills. The bill aims to replace the Ordinance which gives the Centre control over Delhi bureaucrats.

As well, the Opposition parties are determined not to allow any legislative schedule before discussing Manipur. Even before that, PM Modi is expected to speak on Manipur in parliament.

As Congress leader Shashi Tharoor told NDTV today, Manipur is “one of the gravest crises our country has ever faced”.

The loss of lives has been horrific… rapes and violence and displacement have taken place. Now it is spreading. There has been a backlash in Mizoram, and Meities are fleeing the state, Tharoor said, saying PM Modi needs to pay more attention to this important subject.

The northeastern state has seen terrible violence in the past. However, when violence occurred in 1993 and 1997, no Prime Minister had visited the state. Parliament did not discuss it and only once did the Minister of State for Home speak.

However, the government has rethought how it plans to address the issue. The government will limit its remarks in parliament to Manipur; violence in opposition-ruled states will not be mentioned, as many BJP leaders have done.

In the last 15 days, no one has died in violence in Manipur, sources say.

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