If No Discussion, Then What Is Parliament’s Purpose?

What Is Parliament's Purpose
What Is Parliament's Purpose

What Is Parliament’s Purpose?: Congress MP Jothimani, who was suspended from the remaining monsoon session of Parliament today along with three other MPs to protest the price hike, told the media: “The demand of the Congress is to discuss the price hike on the floor of Parliament. But is not ready for discussion, then what is the purpose of Parliament?”

What Is Parliament’s Purpose?

What Is Parliament’s Purpose? Derek O’Brien of the Trinamool Congress has suggested that the government benefits when Parliament is disrupted, as it can avoid facing questions on serious issues like inflation. Speaking in an exclusive interview to media, soon after four Congress MPs were suspended for raising slogans and bringing placards to the House demanding a discussion on inflation, Mr. O’Brien said, “During the budget session the opposition was a major Wanted to discuss the issue – price hike.”

But there was no discussion, he said. He said, “This time also the same thing – the opposition wanted a discussion on price hike and the government would do everything possible not to discuss price hike and then they would turn it around to say that the opposition is disrupting Parliament,” They said. Told.

Then he said, “The government is responsible to the parliament and the parliament is responsible to the people. So once the government disrupts the parliament, they are not accountable to anyone”.

The government, Mr O’Brien said, has used “the pretext of Covid” to keep the media out.

“Just imagine what is happening. You are keeping the media out of Parliament. You don’t want discussion in Parliament. And some reality checks are done on the numbers. How many questions has the prime minister answered on the state floor? House? The answer is zero. How many bills are scrutinized in Parliament? From 65 to 70 per cent, it has come down to 12 per cent. These are very, very serious issues,” he said.

Even today, he said Parliament was adjourned when it was the turn of opposition lawmakers to question the government. On the contrary, the government talked for about two hours in the afternoon, despite the sloganeering by the opposition. There was no adjournment at that time.

Calling it a “crisis” in parliament, he said the government was building a new parliament building, but it “has no soul”.

Manickam Tagore, Jotimani, Ramya Haridas and TN Pratapan of Congress this morning. Speaker Om Birla had said that the placards were brought in the all-party meeting even after being warned against such acts. All four have been suspended for the rest of the monsoon season till August 12.

Asked whether the discussion on inflation could not wait till Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recovers from Covid, the opposition leaders said the government may depute another MP or minister to speak on the subject after the briefing, as it usually happens.