How Hamas Gets Weapons In Gaza Despite Strict Border Control

Hamas Gets Weapons In Gaza: Having entered the next phase of its all-out offensive, Israel has imposed a full siege on the Gaza Strip and vowed to eliminate Hamas. There are approximately 2.3 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, which is roughly 1/4th the size of Delhi, which is controlled by the Palestinian group Hamas.

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The Israeli government maintains strict vigilance over the supply of arms to Hamas in the Gaza Strip despite its complete withdrawal in 2005. Only two border crossings are available in Gaza’s 365 sq km area, which is tightly controlled by Egypt and Israel.

How Hamas Gets Weapons In Gaza?

The Gaza Strip shares a border with Egypt and is surrounded by Israel on two sides. Only 12 nautical miles are allowed for people to travel across the Mediterranean Sea at the Western end.

Hamas receives weapons from arms smugglers dropped along the Mediterranean shore. Despite Israeli Navy control of the seas, the arms suppliers were able to supply weapons to the group.

Weapons are supplied using tunnels by arms smugglers.

Gaza is bordered by Egypt, and weapons are delivered to the region through tunnels. Iranian and Syrian weapons such as the Fajr-3, Fajr-5, and M-302 rockets are sent through the tunnel network.

Iranian-built Fajr-3 rockets are unguided surface-to-surface weapons. Hezbollah – a group with close ties to Iran and Syria – owns the Fajr-3, which has a range of 43 km. An extended range of 75 km is possible with the Fajr-5, which has a high explosive (HE) capacity of 90 kg.

A long-range unguided rocket, M-302 or Khaibar-1, is also built by Iran and used by Hamas. Hezbollah reportedly supplies it.

Over 5,000 rockets were fired from Gaza in the first wave of attacks on Israel. The crude rocket technology developed by Hamas over the years was used to overcome Israel’s nearly impenetrable Iron Dome air defense system with weapons reportedly supplied by Iran.

The Iranian government has supported Hamas’ Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, but denied any direct involvement in the war.

The US State Department reported in 2021 that Iran provides Hamas with training, funding, and weapons. Hamas receives 70 percent of its funding from Iran, according to reports.

The Taliban Connection

It has been reported that Hamas uses US-made weapons supplied by the Taliban from Afghanistan. Following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in 2021, the US ended its operations in Afghanistan and left a stockpile of weapons behind.

US Carrier Battle Group In The Mediterranean

As a show of support for its ally, the US has ordered warships and aircraft closer to Israel. Towards the eastern Mediterranean, the USS Gerald R Ford and its accompanying warships lead a carrier battle group.

US carrier strike group reportedly will assist Israel in defending Gaza’s seashore from weapons smuggling.

After Saturday’s surprise attack from the Gaza Strip, the United States has moved quickly to affirm its support for Israel, pledging “rock solid” support and warning other parties not to get involved.

Lloyd J Austin, US Secretary of Defense, said the group includes four guided missile destroyers and one guided missile cruiser.

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