Haryana On Alert After Communal Clashes Leave 4 Dead, 30 Injured

Haryana On Alert After Communal Clashes Leave 4 Dead, 30 Injured
Haryana On Alert After Communal Clashes Leave 4 Dead, 30 Injured

Following deadly communal riots that expanded to Gurugram, a city not far from the nation’s capital, New Delhi, Indian authorities on Tuesday imposed a curfew, shut down the internet, and sent thousands of paramilitary police to some areas of the northern Haryana state.

Hindus and Muslims engaged in physical altercations during a Hindu nationalist group’s religious procession in Haryana’s Nuh district on Monday afternoon, according to the Press Trust of India news agency. The conflicts resulted in the deaths of at least four persons, including two police officers.

According to a police statement, the violence resulted in the injuries of more than 20 police officers and the burning of numerous cars. Later, tensions spread to Gurugram, about 30 km (19 mi) from New Delhi, when rioters set a mosque on fire and murdered a Muslim cleric late Monday night. Some attackers, according to the police, have been detained.

On Tuesday, there were no new reports of violence from either location, but police said they had ordered schools and institutions to remain closed out of an abundance of caution. The fear-stricken citizens stayed inside as police carrying batons marched through streets of Nuh littered with stones and burned-out cars in the locations of the clashes.

People stayed inside their homes to protect their families, said a local man who only went by his first name, Mahendra. Akram Qureshi, a different local, claimed that many families have fled the violent areas out of fear and depression.

According to the police, the Home Guards were shot dead as a mob in Nuh’s Khedla Mod tried to block the religious procession by throwing stones and setting cars on fire. As the unrest escalated to the neighbouring district, a mosque in Gurugram, a 26-year-old man was killed late last night. The name of the fourth man killed in the incident is yet unknown.

A group of young men blocked the Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra, which was being arranged by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), on the Gurugram-Alwar National Highway.

Government and private vehicles were attacked by the mob as the violence increased. As dusk fell, the violence moved to the Gurugram-Sohna highway, where a number of cars were set on fire and stoned.

Over 2,500 people who set out to Nuh to take part in the procession were forced to stay inside a temple due to the unrest outside. The cops rescued them later that evening.

Stone-throwing and arson incidents have also been reported in places like Palwal and Gurugram. A curfew has been implemented in Nuh to prevent the violence from getting worse. In Gurugram, Palwal, and Faridabad, large-scale gathering restriction orders have also been put into effect.

In relation to the communal violence, police have filed roughly 20 complaints and detained more than 20 people. To find the rioters, they are looking through security camera footage.

Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister of Haryana, and other figures have urged people to uphold peace and unity. “The event today is regrettable. I make a plea to everyone to keep the state peaceful.” The Chief Minister stated that the guilty would not be spared at any cost and would face the worst punishment.

Security has been stepped up around houses of worship in the violent neighborhoods. In order to maintain peace, the administration and the police are meeting with prominent representatives of both communities.

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