Girls’ Hostel Videos Leaked in Chandigarh, Protest In Chandigarh University

Girls' Hostel Videos Leaked: Chandigarh University in Punjab's Mohali has triggered massive protests after a girl allegedly leaked private videos

Chandigarh University
Chandigarh University

Girls’ Hostel Videos Leaked: Chandigarh University in Punjab’s Mohali has triggered massive protests after a girl allegedly leaked private videos of her hostel mates online. The police have registered a case and arrested the accused girl.

Girls’ Hostel Videos Leaked: Police and the university administration have dismissed social media posts claiming that several girls attempted suicide after their videos were leaked. Officials of the privately run university have said that a girl was admitted to the hospital after she fainted and her condition is now stable.

Girls’ Hostel Videos Leaked

“In our investigation so far, we have found that there is only one video of the accused. He has not recorded any other video of anyone else. The electronic devices and mobile phones have been taken into custody and sent for forensic examination. Mohali police Chief Vivek Soni said, news agency ANI reported.

Girls’ Hostel Videos Leaked: Mr Soni said that no death or suicide attempt has been reported and appealed people not to believe in rumours. “A student taken in the ambulance was suffering from anxiety and our team is in touch with him,” he said.

The police officer said, “It is a case of a video shot by a girl student and is being circulated. Forensic evidence is being collected. There is no report of suicide attempt (death) so far. Don’t pay attention to rumours.” Told.

Delhi Chief Minister and chief of Punjab Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal termed the incident as “shameful” and called for patience.

“In Chandigarh University, a girl has gone viral by recording objectionable videos of several girl students. This is very serious and shameful. All the guilty involved in this will be punished severely. Victim girls have courage. We are all with you. With all patience. Work together,” Mr Kejriwal said in a tweet.

Punjab State Commission for Women Chairperson Manisha Gulati has said that the matter is being investigated. “This is a serious matter, an investigation is underway. I am here to assure the parents of all the students that the accused will not be spared,” she said.

Ms Gulati further clarified that an ambulance was called to the campus last night after some of the students involved in the protest were suffering from anxiety.

Punjab School Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains has appealed to the students of the university to remain calm. No guilty will be spared. This is a very sensitive matter and concerns the dignity of our sisters and daughters. We all, including the media, should be very cautious, it is a test for us as a society now.”

On behalf of the opposition Congress, senior party leader Pawan Khera has appealed to the people not to share the leaked video. He tweeted, “To all responsible Indians, please do not repost, forward or share any MMS/video of Chandigarh University terror. Let us be a digitally responsible society.”