“Gave Darshan Hiranandani My Parliament Login Credentials”: Mahua Moitra

Gave Darshan Hiranandani My Parliament Login Credentials
Gave Darshan Hiranandani My Parliament Login Credentials

Mahua Moitra admitted allowing Darshan Hiranandani to use her Lok Sabha login credentials to post questions she claimed to be hers.

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She admitted to letting Darshan Hiranandani, the CEO of the Hiranandani Group, use her Lok Sabha login credentials to post questions that she claimed to be hers, but she said she only received “one scarf, some lipsticks, and other makeup items including eye shadow” from him as gifts on Friday. In an interview with India Today, she denied allegations that she took bribes from Mr Hiranandani and demanded the opportunity to cross-examine him.

In exchange for asking questions in Parliament, she is alleged to have received gifts from Hiranandani. She has been summoned by the parliament’s Ethics committee to present her defense on October 31, but she has requested more time due to “pre-committed programmes” in her constituency. Ms Moitra’s charges are serious in nature, according to the Ethics committee, and constitute a breach of parliamentary privilege. There are already recordings of BJP MP Nishikant Dubey’s statement and evidence presented against Trinamool MP Jai Anant Dehadrai.

She also criticized Mr Dehadrai on Friday, saying he did not deserve the national attention he was receiving. Moreover, she said he filed the complaint against her as a result of the acrimonious custody battle they were having over their pet dog Henry.

It is not unusual for Ms Moitra to share login credentials with Mr Hiranandani, as she works from a remote constituency. She noted that the NIC that operates government and parliamentary websites does not have any rules against this. “But there is always an OTP and the team always posts my questions,” she said.

NIC rules and a form that parliamentarians are required to fill out were posted in a tweet by Mr Dubey in response. The instructions include keeping credentials confidential and informing the NIC of any alternate users in case of a breach.

Mr Dubey also asked if Ms Moitra was in contact with Mr Hiranandani and if attempts were being made to influence him. The affidavit signed by Mr Hiranandani corroborates both Mr Dubey’s and Mr Dehadrai’s allegations against Ms Moitra.

Her birthday present from the businessman, whom she called a close friend, included a scarf, lipsticks, and Bobbi Brown makeup items. A duty-free store in Dubai brought her the makeup products for her. Her house interior was also changed with his advice, and he presented her with new architectural plans and drawings, but the expenses were paid by the CPWD, which is a government agency.

My personal bungalow was in a dilapidated state when I was allotted it. “I asked Darshan if he could get one of his architects to redesign the doors to let light into the bungalow,” Ms Moitra explained, showing pictures of the bungalow’s rooms, layout, and kitchen designed by Mr Hiranandani’s architects. Her bungalow’s renovation was done by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), according to her. As Mr Hiranandani was a friend of hers, whenever she was in Mumbai, she would use his car.

Whenever Darshan Hiranandani gives me anything else, I urge him to come forward immediately. Anyone can make an allegation, but the burden is always on the complainant to prove those allegations. In the affidavit, there is no reference to the cash of 2 crore. She asked, “If cash is being given, please state when and provide all supporting documentation.”

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